Thursday 30 November 2017


Well it looks like November is going out with a roar ! of COLD weather... Today has been crisp and cold! Although if you managed to stand in some sun it was warm.. but only where the sun was hitting you!
But I did managed to get two of the girls, who have changed into their winter clothes, to nip outside for a very quick photo shoot!

So above is the sweet Sansa , already for December and the start of winter and the lead up to Christmas..

A close up of the poor cold child!

She was joined by Belle, who at least had her hat and scarf to help keep her a little warmer!

They tell me they are wearing their thermal underwear! which is a relief !

They were very interested in all the plants standing about waiting to be potted up for a nice bit of winter colour!

" Sansa would you like a hat and scarf? " I asked when she shivered
" No thanks , just get a move on please" was her reply!

"Of course " I said quickly stepping back to get in a long shot.

" Is that your teeth chattering? " Belle whispers to Sansa
" Y y y es " she chattered.. " I'm not wear rring thermals, I forrr got "

" Just a couple more " I call

Going in for a close up I suddenly notice something.... " Sansa !  are your lips going blue?.... Quick girls inside now! I told you to put a coat on.   come along hurry "


  1. I hope the poor girls were given some hot chocolate quickly!
    Love the colours of Belle's dress - and Sansa always was one of my favourites.

    1. Yes they were, I always reward them for helping me with the blog posts :)
      I too love that dress on Belle, I dressed her in another one , then for this one, that I call hers, so changed her.

  2. Such beautiful girls! Sometimes we must suffer a little for the cause of fashion. That dark brick wall makes a great photo backdrop.

    1. I have to agree, as a proud Mum :) Thankfully they are still young enough to suffer in the cause of fashion, unlike myself ! :)
      That black brick wall I feel will become a firm favourite for a backdrop!

  3. Of coure Mrs. Mum would have the hot chocolate and biscuit tin ready for when they arrived back in the beautiful Sasha Village kitchen! The Village kids are very well looked after....not like my poor waifs, who deserve better than they get. But Sashas are cheerful, resilient little souls, even if their winter coats sometimes have to be sold off to allow another adoption to take place!

    They do look wonderful with the newly painted wall behind them, Dee. I hope they made YOU a hot chocolate as a thank you for helping them with the photo shoot to allow their modelling career to progress.

    1. I think you mean that the village kids are somewhat spoilt :) it is true!
      I'll have to search out some woolens to send to those poor little children in the valleys ;)
      I'm loving this wall... tea for me not chocolate! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Great result that will be for a background ;)

  5. A wonderful post. What a treat to see potted flowers in December!! Sansa looks beautiful and so does Belle in their pretty dresses, tights and boots. Be sure to thank them for enduring the cold temperatures so that we might may see them by the freshly painted wall in the remodeled garden. Fantastic! 😊 xxx