Sunday 12 November 2017


Magda finally got changed into some lovely warm clothes yesterday, so insisted on inspecting the work being done in the garden!

The cheeky minx asked me when we'd be planting the grass between the paving! and she managed to keep a straight face!

But you can just see that twinkle in her eye!

"Are they coming back on Monday to finish? " Magda asks
" They are coming today to clear up more of the rubbish so I can get my car back on the drive and under cover " I tell her

" and then they'll be finished? "
" No" I reply " they still have to lay the paving round by the side gate and then fill in between all the paving so we don't get grass " she giggled so I gave her my mum look , she ignored it and grinned! I continued ignoring her " and then clear up the last of their tools and then they'll be finished "

"Being serious now mum " says Magda " it's really lovely of you and Dad to have this new playground laid right outside the house for us! It's going to be ace for riding our bikes , playing tag etc"
"it's not going to be left empty , it will have the patio table and some pots on it"
"that's okay " smiles Magda " our patio table and pots won't take up much room if you tuck them in the corner " before I could tell her it was our big patio table and Dad's pots , she was off to tell the others she'd checked out the new patio !
Maybe I'll leave telling them for a while , they'll still be lots of space for them to play !


A little catch up! This is a view from the garden back towards the house. I love that I can now see all of the back and not have part missing behind the old outhouse.

Like with anything new that you do, it shows up all the old weathered items so the back of the house will need repainting.

You can see where the trellis used to be for the rose we removed between the doors. The doors and framework have long needed repainting which we will do in the spring as it's now too cold and damp.
At some stage on our list of jobs needing doing in and around the house will be replacing them but for now a lick of paint will make all the difference.
The pond needs a new top edge and a coat of black stain to tidy it up as well.

I don't know about you but whenever we have work done it inspires us to get on with other things that need doing around the house, so plans are being made and lists drawn up as to want needs doing first etc.
The hallway needs to be finished but when we first moved in we got permission to make the window in the stairwell longer. So we'll be looking to get that done first, while we finish removing the old wall paper and settle on the new one and the paint colour.

We still have no internet but thankfully the dongle we bought can be used until it's back on. So I'll be back with more news of the goings on in the Sasha Village. There are still lots of Sasha's etc that need to be dressed for winter!



  1. Well, OF COURSE the patio is for the Sashas and Gregors to ride their bikes on and play running games etc. How could you even consider cluttering it up with such silly things as TABLES?

    Really, Mrs. Mum I am serious! Lukey might get up to his old tricks if you don't give him running about space and who knows what Mr. Mossy might do, I can just imagine him getting a working party together to saw off the table legs. Speaking St. Mossy The Green, where are the bears, these days?

    Love, (but concerned)
    Bertie xxx

    1. Hi Bertie
      Glad to know you've not been shut in a box until the holes mended! Alas they need that table on the patio because Mrs Mum does a lot of photo taking there. She's always having someone stand on that table! even in the freezing weather!
      Lukey likes to run around the table legs and jumping out on his sisters making the scream!

      The bears are on a quest ! but should be back in December, or so their last letter said, it also said they want their own sitting room away from noisy ? or it could have been nosy? children !
      Nice to hear from you
      your good friend Ollie xx

  2. It's looking really well now.I love the irregular shapes and patterns of the paving, also the path edging is a nice touch.
    Hope your internet will be up and working soon!

    1. Thanks Rosie. We are so pleased with it and cannot wait to see it completely finished.
      Hopefully on the 23rd, fingers crossed!

  3. I love Magda's sassy personality as well as her lovely outfit. No doubt she went back in the house and announced to all of her siblings that she was the first to explore the new patio.

    1. She is certainly Sassy! I believe she's planning some sort of summer event!and of course she's letting everyone know she's been first out side to give her approval! ;)

  4. I hadn't realised until I saw these latest photos that you have an extension added right across the back. I had often wondered why the old outhouse partially blocked your full view of the garden...but of course originally it wouldn't have as would have been much further away. Did you add this of was it already there when you bought the house?
    The patio does look really lovely. My next door neighbour has had most of his front driveway done like this in this stone (but unfortunately has had to leave the last quarter in tarmac as this belongs to the council for gaining access to the water metre and pipes) and which, imo, just spoils the whole effect.
    Will they be using cement to fill in the gaps between the paving slabs and edgings?

    1. The extension was here when we bought the house, the house would have been too small for us otherwise and in truth , if I'd built it the outhouse would have come down and the extension would have been deeper.
      Yes there will be cement filling in the gaps between the stones which will finally make it harder for the grass to grow between! ;)

  5. The new paving looks so lovely, and it's good you'll have it finished before winter.
    Magda's outfit is so sophisticated - so reds can wear lilac! Luise says hi...

    1. Thank you , we areso glad it will be finished before Winter gets here.
      Magda says she can wear any colour... ( such confidence in one so young!) and says hi to Luise and sends a little wave as well...

  6. Wow, Magda looks fantastic in her electric green sweater! What a special outfit. Your garden patio looks fantastic too. It is a major work! Have a great weekend! ❤️ xxx

    1. I have to say I do love these two colours together and they really suit Magda.
      We are really pleased with the patio. xxx