Sunday, 5 November 2017


Alas no I am not back online but away from home and using my daughters computer to put on this blog! We have given upon our current service provider because basically they have not given us any service!
All they have done is tell us that they will ring us on a certain day and then on that day despite us being home and near the phone then emailed us to say we were not in!!!!

So after this happened yet again and yet again to be told they'd ring us sometime up until 8pm in three days time !! we decided that they obviously did not want our business so we are going elsewhere !
Even though this will now take some time to change over , we believe going on our current providers help we'll still be back on time sooner than if we wait for them to get in touch and sort it out!

So here are this months doll shelf photos that I received in time for this post, I have to say that I did not get one sorted myself but once i'm back online I'll do a photo heavy post to make up for it!

Ursula's baby is wanting to get on the rocking horse.

Her sisters come along to give her a hand

Even more of her sisters arrive to watch her play with the rocking horse. Maybe they are hoping to get a chance to have a ride too!

Karin beautiful slate eyed lass is looking ready for the Winter weather in her Petrana outfit.

a closer look at her sweet face.

Steve's lads are getting into their winter woollies now the cold weather is starting to bite!

Emma's Sasha Ana is taking her dog for a walk.

many thanks to everyone for sending in a photo, if any others come in they will have to go on a later post once I'm back up and blogging.

I must also thank my daughter and her partner for allowing me the use of their computer to do this blog.

Hoping to be back very soon

enjoy the rest of this last of this Autumn month before Winter arrives along with the lead into  Christmas!!! 



  1. Lovely photos!

    How annoying for you all the difficulties over internet provision can be! That particular company seem to believe they have no rivals for you to turn to. Hope you are soon back on line at home.

    Sorry that our new boy didn't feel up to standing out in pouring rain to be photographed. He is still in summer clothing and is hiding under a blanket, hoping to find something warmer very soon.

    Will look forward to a Dee makes up for lost photo ops post very soon.
    J xx

  2. Some very cute autumn outfits there, my poor kids are still in summer gear, from last year.

  3. Always look forward to the interesting doll shelf photos (although never seem to be in a position to contribute myself.)