Saturday 23 December 2017


Well a couple of days back I mentioned my idea of sharing a few special Christmas decorations and I have to say that despite everyone rushing around getting all those Christmas jobs finished, you very kindly took the time to send in some photos for everyone to share.

I am putting them on in the order they arrived, so here goes.

This is a magical Fairy.Made by little Miss Lorna despite Rosie not actually putting it on the tree every year it appears by magic !

Here is the reverse  showing you that it's the Allbran fairy, now laminated, made back when Lorna was very young and full of Christmas magic power.

From Steve and John at Gregoropolis, whose blog gave me the idea for this post, we have...I'll let Steve explain

 I think our strangest ornament would have to be this Star Trek themed one.  It's Mr. Spock performing a Vulcan mind meld with an alien creature called a Horta (which looks a bit like a giant lump of sweet potato casserole, so there is a holiday connection).  It's from the classic TV episode "Devil in the Dark", and it even plays some dialog from that show when you press a button.  As a big fan of Star Trek, and Mr. Spock in particular, Patrick loves this ornament.  He calls it the "Hortament".  

Next we have Leni with her Christmas tree top fairy! Just loving that sparkly outfit!

plus another on a beautifully made slice of Christmas cake , made at preschool by her son, who is now 42 so it's lasting very well for it's age !

From Karin in snowy Switzerland we have this beautiful Christmas decoration painted by her Sister in Law and given to Karin some years back.

A very talented lady is Karin's sister in law.

From Ginger we have these sweet reindeer which were placed on a Christmas gift by her mother some years back and now Ginger puts them on her tree to remember her dear mother.

Over at A Passion for Sasha, Ginny's youngest daughter Darcy, has made this wonderful sweet reindeer to become part of their Christmas decorating tradition 

Viv's sent us a photo of her Caleb showing these small baubles which belonged to her Grandmother , who passed away back in 1967, so old and fragile that they sit like little sweets in a dish joining in the festive fun.

From Emma we have her baby Kia, holding a Santa given to Emma by her grandmother when she was younger and Ana holding a vacation Santa given to Emma by a friend a few years back.

Now we have Mabel Lucie in her Christmas decoration dress showing you the Villages's strange but in my eyes wonderful Christmas decoration.

A closer look at this elf with attitude! I bought him back in the 90's all my girls thought him awful but I just love him.

Also from back in the 90's/2000's I was also buying these sweet Cherish Teddie Christmas decorations for my tree.

I also have a Cherish Teddie Nativity scene which I have not put out this year.

From Ronnie we have two terror's .. I mean a very interesting Caravan tree decoration.

She tells me in her best Barbara Dickson voice she sings Caravans to the twins while they play with it! ;)

From Jenni comes this sweet snowman that she bought for her father way back in 1959.

and this tree with star made by her son Jake at nursery school over 25 years ago. A very clever idea being a stack of green buttons.

From Linda comes this Christmas teddy given to her by a very kind friend last year.

From Kendal, a photo of a gorgeous plump Robin with Baby Quirky that brings a smile to her face whenever she passes that plump bird by!

So many thanks to all those who have sent in a photo or two for their cherished Christmas dec's, there is still time to add more , if this as inspired you to join in.



  1. Fabulous selection guys!
    Mine is winging it's way to you...
    Oh, my soul is on the run
    I am flying.... :)

    1. It that you Babs? :) Those poor boys must be stone deaf with you warbling at them all Christmas ;) x

    2. I shall ignore your hurtful comment Dee as it is the season of goodwill to all men AND ME:) I know you are secretly jealous of my singing voice, a voice so sweet that even the X Factor didn't want me as there would be no competition as I would have walked it :) :)

    3. I but tell the truth, it's well known that when the fog hits the coast near Brighton, your services are called upon to sing loudly from the shoreline to ensure all the boats don't run aground ;) Your voice is a service to MANkind .. it's just us woman that suffer... :)) xx

  2. This was fun! I loved seeing everyone's ornaments. And of course the comic banter between Simply and Dee is always entertaining ;-) Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. It is! Lots of lovely decorations for us to see. So glad you realise what a comedian Simples is :)) I'm surprised her singing's not reached your shores..;) Merry Christmas

  3. Loved these photos and theme.
    Still hoping to add a contribution or two but have unfortunately had a bit of a health relapse this week so waiting to see if I feel a little bit better tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Kendal. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. whenever you feel like added a photo or tow just send them and i'll add them , even if it's not until new year.
      Take care and enjoy Christmas xx

  4. Lovely ornaments from everyone! It is so nice to see them. I hope you feel much better dear Kendal and soonest! Thank you Dee for another great blog post idea. Merry Christmas all! ❤️🎄🎅🏻

    1. Ain't they Ginger, so many lovely and interesting decorations out there! Glad you enjoyed them :) xx Merry Christmas :)

  5. Hi Dee what a lovely post. I wonder if you know why although, i am following your blog and have been for a very long time, that i do not get any notifications when you post something. I only see your blog post when i check myself. Hope you received your Christmas card and have a lovely Christmas x

    1. Hi Theresa, no Idea! It happens to me with a few that I follow, I don't get notified and just suddenly see them when I go to check! Have agreat Christmas xx

  6. What a great post Dee! I have some very old Christmas decorations back in Sevilla that were from when my mum and dad first got married in 1957. My mum was throwing them out and I quickly grabbed them to keep as I remember them from my childhood :)

    1. Thanks, It so lovely when we have old Christmas dec's that can bring back happy memories :) xx