Saturday 30 December 2017


Although the shop is supposed to be closed until the new year I found Bruno letting the little Wichtel girls look around !

It seems, the girls needed to do the M is for Money post on the flickr group for the Christmas word challenge which meant they needed to spend some money!

I think Granny's taught Bruno well because he quickly opened the shop and let them in!

The girls were soon getting excited over the toys and cards !

They wandered all around

The Christmas cards were very popular !

So was the train set!

Toys and sweets were soon being purchased!

and money changing hands!

I wonder if granny can hear whats going on downstairs?


and here's the rhyme for M

M is for MONEY

M is for MONEY
Which at this time of year
We have in our hands
but soon disappears!
Rosie wants Lego
Jimmy wants rocks
Auntie Ellie wants Sherry
Uncle Fred red socks
Albert wants Reggie
a puppy Cockapoo
Sally wants Alan
Who lives at twenty two!
Apart from the presents
The Turkey and Crackers
the cards and the mistletoe
nothing else matters
By late Christmas Eve
our bank accounts empty
but under the tree
there will be plenty
Of Prsents and gifts
to give such a lift
of joy in our hearts
way off the charts
So remember this tale
when January comes
and nowt's in the kitchen
just stale bread crumbs



  1. Fab post Dee! I do love the little Wichtels and they see the perfect size to be invading Granny's shop. y returned from ill treatment by my Mum Sasha baby is wearing the same Ginny set but in wine olour.

    Great poem too, but what do you mean by saying that money is something we 'have in our hands?' No such luck this year for me! I am happy to see the back of 2017 at midnight tomorrow night. 2018 has to be the year of the Bryn Derw house repairs or I'll be holding up Granny's and Bruno's shop in December!

    Happy Noodle Year!

    1. Thanks Jen :) I have to say they do look good in the shop just like children :)
      I hope 2018 brings you all you need to set your house in order and buy a few more dolls :) xx Happy New Year x

  2. Loved the scene and rhyme. Many thanks indeed!
    Happy New Year to all at Sasha Village!

    1. Thanks Kendal , glad you enjoyed them.
      Happy New Year to you and those still with you xx

  3. Great poem! Bruno is such a dependable lad. I'm sure that Granny can just feel the till filling up!

    1. Thank you. Bruno is , you could be right about granny feeling that till filling up! maybe she'll sleep better tonight! ;) x

  4. A great poem Dee! I love the shop and all of the contents which appear to be flying off the shelves. I hope Granny is pleased with the money increasing at year’s end. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and Paul !!! 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) I'm sure Granny will be greatly pleased to hear the money rattling! A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you too! :) xxx

  5. What a great post! I hope the shop was stripped bare of anything purchasable before Christmas, so Granny and Bruno can have a well earned rest into the New Year!

    1. Thanks. Granny will be telling us just what went on in the weeks up to Christmas! :)