Sunday 24 December 2017


That mum she had a tale to tell
But just because she's been unwell
She's left me here in my sick bed
for days and days I've lain my head

Upon these pillows big and white
waiting bored night after night
coughing sneezing feeling sick
wondering just what date she'll pick

To tell this tale for Christmas time
that will have come and gone like
this rhyme
before she gets her act in gear
to bring along some Christmas cheer!

So after Christmas now she says
She'll start the tale of Christmas days
I'll have to tell it from my bed
looking back now not ahead

So if you have the time to spare
please drop by but beware
who knows how long that Mrs Mum
will take to finish what she begun...


  1. Granny ...I think Mrs Mum is trying to pension you off.....sleep with one eye open.....

    1. Pension! We don't offer pensions... Really anyone would think we,re rich!

  2. Mrs Mum's stories are always welcome and enjoyed anytime of year. Besides, I think most shops make the bulk of their profits during the after Christmas sales anyway. Perhaps when the holiday hubbub dies down, Granny can book herself and Bruno some plane tickets to the Bahamas. It would do her a world of good!

    1. So kind of you to say . But granny wants to know why she needs a ticket for a banana? I've tried explaining but I think her ears are blocked by her cold! I'll try again in a day or so! Dee

  3. Now come on Granny - you took to your bed when you felt unwell, so you can hardly expect Mrs. Mum not to take care of herself when she's feeling ill too, now can you?

    Get up, enjoy the festive season and then nip back to bed in time to let Mrs. Mum take more photos to finish the story later. With all the work you had to do last Christmas, you should have been enjoying your protracted lie-in!

    Merry Christmas. Hope your shop took enough money to keep you until next December!
    J xxx

    1. Granny's been seen round the sherry bottle! So I'm not so sure she's as ill as she's making out! She's sent a request for turkey and the full trimmings to be delivered to her sick bed at 2pm.

      I'm sure she will be able to make her sales profits in the next few weeks! Dee xx

  4. Unfortunately I know that feeling only to well so am trying to tasked long naps and then get up and do a little job before going back to bed again.
    ALWAYS love Mrs Mum's stores when in rhymes!
    To all who are 'under the weather'please get well soon.

    1. I'm sure you and granny would have some tales to tell each other! Not sure the rest of this tale will be in rhyme but it who knows what will happen , not me!
      I hope everyone will be in good health for the coming year!