Tuesday 5 December 2017


Yes it's time for the last doll shelf photos for this year.

Jane very kindly sent me a photo of her Christmas carol singers getting ready to perform.

Next we have some of the lads at Gregoropolis having a very fine tea, do you think they are trying to decide what to buy Daddy Steve and Daddy John for Christmas?

Ursula's little trio of angels are in their Christmas dresses just waiting along with some very excited dogs for the big day!

Meanwhile Ronja and the Gnome Security guard are watching the candles on safety patrol.

Down on the bottom shelf of the doll cabinet is an assortment of dolls.

If you wondered where the bears are hiding, wonder no more! They are here resting .

Elizabeth Grace is visiting with Evelyn, Ivy Beatrice and Vita- Margary.

Near the top sits the Waldorf dolls, snuggled together.

The Wichtel children came down for a photo shoot today.

Ashley, Mary and Raven wanted to show off their winter clothes.

They were soon joined by some others who are changed, why Calico Kate is holding some sort of sign I don't know.

That Granny!

and speaking of Granny here she is!

Looking in a Christmas shop window.

Ginger's lad Finn getting the Lantern ready for Christmas.

Many thanks to everyone whose sent in Photos this month and also any of the other months this year.
We've all enjoyed seeing the dolls and what they're been up to.

There is still time to add more photo's, just send them in.



  1. Love all of the photos!! It is nice to see dolls from other families. Thank you Dee. 😊 xxx

  2. Many thanks for all these lovely photos yet again. A delightful Sasha fix for my day.
    Great too to see that some Sasha homes are already geared up for THE big day. (Unfortunately not a sign of a tree, bauble or a string of lights here as yet.)

  3. Thank you Dee for patiently collecting each month's photos. It's so interesting to see other Sasha families!
    The boys at Gregoropolis certainly have tea in style. I hope Daddy Steve and Daddy John don't object they use the good china!

  4. Thank you to those who have shared their shelves again this month...is this going to be a blog feature again next year Dee??

  5. whose Lexie is that looking in a Christmas shop window? All these doll shelf pictures are lovely. My lot are still waiting for me to have time to help them prepare for Christmas, they're currently doing the Advent 'waiting'.