Friday 29 December 2017


Of course SNOW! Should have known I'd not miss it! So Wednesday back to work , decided not many people would be on roads, so got up later than usual only to find it blowing a blizzard outside the windows.!
So I set off down my 16 miles of twisting country roads to work , mostly traveled alone driving carefully and arrived to an empty car park! Was just wondering if I'd be sitting there a while when a couple of my colleagues arrived. It continued to snow for a few hours but after that turned to rain.

Then Thursday, not snow but ice! again traveled mostly alone, I knew from going home the night before where the dicey patches would be, near a hamlet called Langley where the roads is very twisting back and forth and water was running off the fields the night before and I was right, that section was still covered with snow and added ice, so a very careful drive over that section and again there on the way home.

Thankfully I'm now off until the 2nd, so no early morning winter sports for me for the next few days!

I'm still taking part in a photo challenge on Flickr, this time for the word Christmas I managed to get up to S before my cold and today finally did T , above is one of the photos I used of Constance O, my Jerry Berry doll sitting in our Twig Christmas tree.
I usually do my entry with a rhyme.

I did a good rhyme then somehow managed to wipe it! so had to start again. So this is the second one I came up with.

T is for TREE

Yes I know it's a TWIG
but this TWIG we dig!
I know it looks bare
except for the dec's
of babbles and bears on candy not chairs
below there's not earth
but pretty wrapped parcels
that wait for the family
all to be marshalled
into the room for present giving
with shrieks of delight or groans
of misgiving
But when it's all over and the rooms gone all quiet
this tree will sit waiting
knowing it's fate
will be back in the box
until that next date
when a twig tree is needed
when space is a not there
for placing a massive tree
which is so rare
for when you design your room for living
do you say wait ! wheres the tree to go for giving
of presents at Christmas we must leave a space
so big and so round near that fireplace!
No we do not , which is why
now and then
a TWIG TREE is king of Christmas ..amen!


I will wait until the new year to continue Granny Fortuna's Christmas Tale because I will need to use the Table to set up her bedroom but I also need the table for family who are coming for New Year! So Granny's tale is on hold but please don't worry about her, I've heard that she managed to find supplies to keep her fed and watered until such time as her tale starts !

No idea why this is in capitals as it's not when I go in to amend! so it will have to stay that way. plus I've just added this in lower case, so wonder what i'll find when I publish again!

I thought I'd share this photo of Milo our 15 year old moggy, taken by my daughter Lindsey this morning as he lounges on her bed! He is such a poser!

Well I'm off to change a few dolls into winter wear and take a few photos to share over the next few days and try and avoid buying things !

In the words of Arnie.. I'll be back....



  1. Why does it always snow when you have to drive to work, but never on weekends? That's one of the great unsolved mysteries!
    I love your twig tree. You can see the ornaments so much better.

    1. My thought exactly! It like it waits! was so hoping to have escaped it but alas no!
      My twig tree is very handy for saving on space :)

  2. Your cold hasn't affected your poetic talents at all! Ice can be very scary, for both driving and walking. We haven't had too much snow so far this season, but a lot of cold weather. It was -16° F this morning, with a windchill of -29. Not even the boys want to go outside.

    1. That because I had to wait for the worse to pass, lord knows what you'd have read otherwise! lol
      I do hate driving and walking in snow and ice I worry as much for others sliding and hitting me as me sliding and hitting them!
      Thank goodness we've not had those temperatures! I'd have to hibernate! :) x

  3. We've only had a slight smattering of snow here over one night so nothing to cause any anxiety with the driving etc.... but sort of missed seeing 'The White Stuff!'

    1. I hope it stays that way for you kendal. It looks lovely when if first falls but not a surface to be driving or walking on. x

  4. Lovely photos of Constance O Dee, she looks quite happy and at home in the pretty twig tree. A great poem to go with the photos too.
    I love seeing my little friend Milo again, well I say little, he's not so little when he's sleeping soundly on your feet and you can't for the life of you move him and your feet are starting to get pins and needles LOL!!! But he's a great character and I'm glad to see that he's still going nice and strong at 15 :)
    I'm glad you were able to drive safely in the snow and ice, I do not envy you those mornings, I remember them only too well from my days in the UK!!!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. I think she enjoys being the one and only doll of her type! :)
      Milo little.. mm lol he does like to sleep on a comfy bed with a friendly body.
      They are talking about mini ice ages!! I may be coming to Spain if that happens! xxx