Sunday 31 December 2017


Well I have to say that this is a year I'm glad to see the back of. This year's been a year of loss for us, what with Izzy passing in March , then Hamish in September. We still miss them and think Hamish is still here on occasion then realise he's not.
I also lost a good friend and old work colleague in November, she was younger than me and her illness once diagnosed took her quicker than anyone realised it would. She was a lovely person and will be missed.

So not a year I can look back at without a sadness coming over me, but life would not be life if there were not trials to go along with the triumphs. And I give thanks to have had these people and animals in my life to enrich it.

But the year was not just about loss, thank goodness. There were things that made it a good year too!

I attended the Sasha Celebration Weekend in May along with Paul and we had a great time meeting up with people and relaxing and in my case talking dolls!

The Chat n Snap was well attended in October and people enjoyed the day meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Money was once again raised for a good cause, which is an added bonus.

On the doll front, well it's been a very good year with some unexpected dolls arriving like James and Christy, I have to say both of them were not looked for but arrived none the less. Although I have now sold James on , Christy is still with me and I hope for a good while yet.

My other dolls have increased this year, more little Wichtels and Schoenhuts have arrived to build a collection, even though I was not intending to add so many different dolls. A few Natterers have arrived too.

Most of the Schoenhut dolls

The Natterers

The Wichtels

But I have also managed to down size very slightly on the clothing side and also a couple of the less played with dolls.

Also this years been harder to get the stories from my head onto the blog mainly due to work commitments and also faffing about! I'm very good at faffing about and I'll need to get that in check!

We've had a great year with regard to the house and garden and finally managed to start a few long planned changes. The folly is half completed and will be continued once the spring arrives.

Finally the outhouse is gone and the ugly patio and a lovely new space is waiting for the spring so that we can really make good use of it.

And we have removed the wall between the kitchen and dinning room , opening up the space.

Looking at these photos makes me realise just how much we've done this year, so it's been a very productive year for the house and garden.

Of course being us, we now have lots of projects on the go at once but we'll slowly make our way through the things that need doing until it's all done and hopefully looking lovely.

But that's all for next year!

I thank you all for your support this year , your friendship and encouragement with my blog posts.
Receiving feedback via comments or when we meet does help make it worthwhile and although I'd still ramble away if I did not get any, they'd probably be fewer and further between!.....

So come on 2018 we're waiting......



  1. At least you can say your house has a very good year in 2017! You do work hard (nearly as hard as Paul!)on your home and your love for it shines out.

    There have been some hard moments for you and sch things are never easy to put behind you, nor would you always wish to, as loss is also part of life and the dogs and friends are cherished in your memory.

    As to the dolls, well they just arrive without any encouragement from us, don't they - 3 this year in my case, so a net reduction has happened, which is amazing!

    I hope 2018 is the most wonderful year for you and all your blog readers.

    J xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Jenni. I is true that I near work as hard as Paul, only I get all the moving, clearing, washing sorting jobs and he gets the glory ones! ;)

      Our Family, friends and animals are an important part of our lives and we cherish them , when they are with us and when they are not :)

      Mmm I'm so glad you realise that these dolls just arrive of their own accord! All I do is open the door and welcome them in :))

      On behalf of my blog readers and myself I thank you for your kind wishes
      Dee xxx

  2. I just amazed at how much you have accomplished in the house and garden. You've worked very hard, and it shows. It's been very enjoyable to follow all of the progress. Thank you for all of the wonderful doll adventures you have shared with us over the past year!

    1. I was surprised at what we'd been up to when I put it all together! I am glad you enjoy both our home progress and that you enjoy the doll adventures. Thank you for joining us for our rambling :) xx

  3. Another very full year. Thank you for allowing us to ramble through The Village.
    Happy New Year

    1. It appears it was ! Thank you for coming along on our rambles we never know where they will land up. Happy New Year :) xx

  4. I've decided NOT to review MY past year this year but instead look forward to 2018 to see just what that brings.
    Thanks for all your blog posts over yet another year. As you know there were, imo, some good and very good decisions made and executed alongside a few, imo again, not so good ones!!!...(BUT then they have absolutely nothing to do with ME as I don't live there... but as you well know I like to have my little say! Keeps my mind and brain occupied and don't want that dreaded Dementia creeping in!)
    Wishing you all at The Sasha Village a very happy and healthy New Year and look forward to popping in for another year!

    1. I do like a comments and people's idea , sometimes that can get good and may work sometimes not but its always interesting to hear others thoughts.
      I'm sure Dementia won't dare creep in Kendal! you'd give it a good teachers rebuke!
      Thank you we are hppy you still like to visit :)

  5. Hi Dee, I'm very sorry for your losses in 2017 but also very happy for your 'gains', you've done so much with the house, it's incredible, it doesn't look like the home I stayed at back in 2016....gosh was it really the year before last now ;)
    You've added some great dolls to your collection and I don't blame you because it is so easy to do so when there are some great dolls out there! I love your bunch of Natterers, they've always been a favourite of mine and I do have just added another to my group, she should arrive in a couple of weeks.
    And oh my goodness, you have quite a family of Wichtels going on there too, how cute they all look!!
    Anyway, I look forward to more posts from you this year, 2018, and hope to be able to keep up with the commenting as I have been very lax this year and don't know where the time has gone to!!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. Life is full of swings and roundabout and we've had a few this year.
      The dolls just seemed to keep creeping in and some just knock at the front door quite brazenly! lol
      I've always liked the natters and had a few on and off, now appears to be an on time.. another arrived today! Oops ! :)
      Those Wichtels are just so sweet I cannot always resist!

      You've been busy getting fit and slim! and time flies when you are having fun! :) xx

  6. Dear Dee, I am amazed at all that you accomplished this past year. Your doll family is so very nice and it is special to see them together by type. I especially enjoyed seeing the Schoenhut dolls. Plus I love your patio. So lovely!

    2017 was also a year of loss for our family and life will not be the same for us as we miss Lance each day. Like you, 2017 was not only about loss though it felt that way at times. I enjoyed being with friends at the Sasha Celebration, the traveling to countries that I had only dreamed of seeing, enjoying the Sasha Festival, and all the time spent with family and friends. I wish you, Paul and your family the very best in 2018 and thank you for your blog which has blessed me many times over the years. ❤️ xxx

    1. lol me too Ginger!

      Yes we have both suffered losses this year and I believe found calm from enjoying our friendships with each other and other doll friends and of course our families.
      So we both greet 2018 with joy in our surroundings and friendships. Thank you for commenting and I hope you'll enjoy any future post xxx:)