Sunday 10 December 2017


At 8 am today the garden at the back

The front drive.

By 11 am

The front at 11 am.

I do love how the snow covers the landscape and makes everything look so magical. However I don't like having to set off at 7.30 in the morning and driving down 16 miles of twisting mainly country lanes to work but for once my plan of taking a week off in the winter to avoid some icy snowy days has actually worked because I have this coming week off! So no early morning icy driving for me this week thank goodness.

We could hear some buzzing out front and wondered who was cutting? things up in the snow, so on investigation we found this..

This is a very large tree in one of our neighbours front gardens and with the snow coming down was a man cutting off some of the higher branches ! and also a part of the top! Now I don't know if this had already been arranged or whether there was an issue and the owner had called them out but rather him than me in this weather!

and this was how it was left. I'm glad they did not take the whole tree down, the top will regrow and fill out again in a year or so.

I decided to take a couple of my dolls who were wearing just the right clothes for a snowy day.

First out was Izzy my Nini girl by Johnathan Hayes. I think she would make a great Christmas card for next year! I just need to remember these photos in time to get them printed up!

This weather if perfect for her.

Then she was joined by Peggy , my Kathe Kruse girl , another who is perfectly dressed for this snowy day.

I'm not so sure she was enjoying the snow !

They valiantly carried on while it continued to snow!

To winter Misses together.

I asked Paul to go down and take a couple of photos of the folly in the snow.

Shame it's not finished , so the arched doorway would have been covered with snow. Maybe we'll get some another year when it is.

Well a busy week ahead, Granny Fortuna want's her shop up and running with plenty of customers, I'm still cleaning up the dust from the wall coming down, there are still presents to buy, cards to send and clearing out to do.

So have a great week everyone and if you have to travel in these icy conditions take care.



  1. Whoa! You have snow! None for us (yet!) thank goodness! Keep warm! Stay safe and play dolls!

    1. Yes! Snow! any other week I'd be moaning but thankfully no this one! Trapped indoor but with plenty to do! :)

  2. WOW how pretty it all looks but sooooo cold. I'm glad you're off this week and don't have to drive down those country lanes in that weather Dee.
    The girls look great, perfectly dressed for the weather.
    I love the folly and how it looks in the snow, I think it looks great unfinished too :)

    1. It does look so pretty but yes so cold too! I've barely stepped out the house for two days!
      These girls were so happy to show off their winter clothes.
      The folly will always look unfinished it just needs to look more unfinished if that makes sense! :) xx

  3. We had snow yesterday, it looked so pretty and the dogs loved it. But from last night on, heavy rain washed it all away, and now it's dark and muddy.
    Your folly looks so romantic in winter, one can imagine knights and queens sitting close by a fire...

    1. It does look lovely , just inconvenient if you need to get out and do things! Ours is still here after a hard frost last night but rain is forecast for tomorrow so hopefully that will clear it.
      That's so nice you think it looks romantic :) that's what we are aiming for!

  4. We had snow today. It looked pretty, but was very wet and heavy to shovel. Izzy looks like she embraces winter, while Peggy merely tolerates it (but in style, of course).

    1. Goodness you too! The stuff's getting everywhere! I bet it was hard work clearing the paths.
      Izzy's title from Jonathan Hayes, her creator, is A Gift for Snow , so she is perfectly happy in the snow.
      Peggy I agree just tolerates it because she looks good ! lol