Friday 16 March 2018


Toby and Ollie have gone in search of Percy , they've heard a rumour that he's going somewhere!

They find him down in the garden , at the small Sasha studio now storage shed! Ollie being quite shy lets Toby do the talking.

" We've heard that you are going hunting ! " says Toby excitedly " Can we come along and help, Please Percy"
" It could be dangerous " states Percy in a serious grown up voice " if you come you must obey me without question and do exactly what I say and when I say it!"

Toby ,in a  suitable serious tone replies " Of course we'll do whatever you say and be very helpful " he nods
Percy's not fooled,  knowing if he takes Toby it could be a risk.

But he does need some help, so he agrees, then wonders why, when both boys start whooping loudly.

Percy takes them over to the cart, that he's dragged out of storage.
" You'll be helping me pull this on our trip , it should do the job with any luck "
The boys look at the little cart " That should be easy enough " Ollie says
"What are we hunting for ? " Toby decides to ask, the cart is not too big so it cannot be much ! He starts to get excited maybe it's food!

" We are going on a bear hunt" replies Percy as if it's nothing
" BEAR!" shout both boys , " Are you M m m serious" finishes Toby
" Completely and if you've changed your mind , don't worry I can get Erik and Ragnor to help me "

" Oh no we still want to come " says Toby while Ollie appears to still be thinking about it

" Good , good " says a relieved Percy , he didn't want to have to ask Erik and Ragnor who'd probably turn it into some kind of Viking quest! " Ok you two bring this cart , while I go make sure the cage is ready "

The boys start getting ready to pull the cart for Percy.

Ollie looks at Toby " I wonder why he wants to go bear hunting? We already have loads of bears living here in the village ! Only yesterday I saw Mossy the green following Edward complaining about something or other while Edward rolled his eyes and kept walking!"

"Yes we do have a lot of bears living here already ? why does he want another one!" wonders Toby.
Just then Percy calls out " Come on you two get a move on ! haven't you heard there's bad weather coming this weekend, we need to get going !"

The boys turn back and both looked stunned at what they are seeing! as usual it's Toby who finds his voice first " What is that? "

"What's it look like! It's the cage for the bear! Now stop dawdling and get that cart over here, we've a long journey ahead and daylight'hs burning!"

" How big is this bear? " whispers Ollie in shock , for once Toby as nothing to say!!



  1. Percy seems like a sensible boy, so he must have a fairly well developed plan in mind. Of course any bear that would want to be carted around would have to be a bit lazy - maybe a sloth bear?

    1. Percy certainly has a plan but I'm not sure he's taking the best help with him! I can see he carting those two back never mind a bear!

  2. Or maybe a new puppy?! Can we expect to hear the patter of tiny paws soon? Hope so!

    1. Puppy Puppy ! Patter of tiny paws...... ;)

  3. At fiurst I thought thst they were on as mission to round up all those little Bramble Bears that we haven't seen for quite some time but then having spotted the pet carrier in the last post I'm thinking the same lines as SS.

    PS.Please hurry along with the next post as I've been told to avoid any un-necessary stress or anxiety.

    1. Those Bramble bears would need more than three boys to round them up! Slippery animals that they are!

      We'll be as quick as we can :)

  4. I hope the bear will fit onto the cart! To chase it wont' be too dangerous I hope; it may still be a little drowsy from sleeping all winter.

    1. I hope so too! for a bigger bear would be hard to find space for ;)

  5. I am crossing my fingers that SS hit the bullseye! A great post of your good looking boys. 😊 xxx

    1. Time will tell :) Glad you enjoyed it Ginger :) xx

  6. Ahhhh yes, the BEAR!!! Ooooh so exciting, I can hardly wait to see the big BEAR in his new home too :)
    Lovely story Dee, and now I am off to read the next post. There are some advantages of being a bit behind in reading the blogs that I follow!!!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Yes the BEAR ! :) I can hardly wait too ;)
      Glad you enjoyed the hunting tale :) xx