Saturday, 3 March 2018


Devil are you shouting about! " says a muffled voice from across the room.

It's then that Christy spots Percy by the boiler

" I just hit my head with you caterwauling!"  mutters Percy huffing as he stretches to tighten something up

He give one last huff then calls out " That's it Dad all done!"

" Where's Dad? " asks Christy
Finally turning round Percy replies " Outside checking the boiler pipes "

" And " says Christy " where is all the furniture? "
" You should have asked that before you started screaming like a banshee!" Percy states " I banged my head with you screaming like that !"

Climbing down Percy continues " The boiler started leaking , so dad moved the furniture beneath it or it would have got wet, then mum moved the rest when they thought the repairman would need to come fix it "
" Well someone should have told me!" Christy complains

"Why ? " asks Percy rubbing his sore head " you'd have probably still screamed anyway"
" Would not!"
"Would too"
"Would not!"
" Would..... enough " says Percy " I need to go put a cold cloth on my head "

"When's the repairman coming ? " asks Christy looking a little guilty at making Percy bang his head
" He doesn't need to any more " Says Percy proudly " Dad and me worked out that the pipes outside had frozen and it was condensation that should have been going out the pipes just dripping back inside due to the blockage "
" Dad .  is so clever " smiles Christy and then hurriedly continues " and so are you too!"

She gives Percy a hug saying " I'm sorry you banged your head when I screamed but it was a shock to see a bare room!"
Percy pats her back " It's okay , understandable if no one told you what was going on "

" So how long till the furniture can go back? " Christy asks straightening
" Oh now , it's been dry all night I was just helping Dad do the final checks " Percy starts to move

" But I'm not putting it all back ! Not with my aching head! I'm off to get a damp cloth and put my feet up ! "
Christy walks with Percy " I'll get you the cloth,  you go and sit down , would you like a drink too? "

Percy smiles so that Christy doesn't see, he doesn't really need the damp cloth but he reason's he could get her doing his bidding all evening if he plays his cards right!  Sighing he replies " A drink would be nice ..... and maybe a cake ... if you don't mind.. " he's voice sounding a little feeble for the usual strong Percy.
" Of course of course " Christy agrees " No problem you go rest and I'll bring it right in , I'll just get out of this coat and these boots , go sit.. "

Mmm I wonder how long Percy will keep this up? at heart he's a kind boy so I don't think it will be too long before he starts to be the one feeling guilty !

PS Doll shelf photo's needed for the fifth which is Monday , thank you


  1. How sweet they are! And Percy is a very clever boy and a great help to his dad, so he deserves a little pampering.

    1. They are and Percy wants to be just like his dad when he grows up, so is always happy to help and learn :)

  2. Oh dear, I hope nothing was damaged (including Percy's head). Lovely that Percy's so helpful.

    1. Thankfully Percy, with dad's help had it all in hand! :) Percy's head is quite hard ;)

  3. Oh, we hate it whenever something mechanical goes wrong in the house. It usually means $$$. Good thing you were able to fix it yourselves and not have to call someone in. That Percy is a handy chap to have around (and his Dad too, of course).

    1. Same here whenever something won't work the first reaction is ..oh no how much is this going to cost to put right! I even bought some money home to pay for the repair.. don't tell Percy he may give me a bill!!
      I was so pleased when it turned out to be a simple fix for percy and Dad of course ;)

  4. Must be WONDERFUl to have such a handy husband and vinyl son. Unfortunately I've never had that pleasure as mine were hopeless at DIY and repairs... so I always had to cough/pay up for others to come and fix it rather than let them 'have a go' first and make matters ten times worse.
    A case of 'I had lived and learned!'

    1. It IS Kendal , It's saved me a small fortune over the 42 years we've been married. Thankfully he's quite good at most things and will admit the the things he's not, so therefore avoiding making a bigger problem! x

  5. What a helpful little boy, Paul is so fortunate to have such a great assistant :)
    Hopefully Percy won't keep up the 'helpless' pretence for too long, but just enough to get the little pampering that he deserves!
    Glad you go it all fixed Dee, without the need of calling someone in, because I suspect with all the work the plumbers must have at the moment you might have been paying quite a lot for a repair.

    1. Percy is definitely a chip off the old block ;) and so helpful to his Dad :) Percy is far too kind to keep Christy running around after him for too long, I'm sure he'll be sharing all the goodies she brought him.
      The plumbers have been having a field day I would think with all the cold weather and freezing pipes etc. So glad we didn't need to pay over the odds due to demand to get it sorted. xx