Wednesday, 7 March 2018


" Do you think Dad will ever fill that hole in? "
" Probably not.. well not until he redecorates!"
"Oh it would be lovely to have another colour here!"
"I like the blue "
"So do I but it's been there a long time now"

" I think we'll have to wait until Mum gets her new studio to get a change of colour " says Saffron
" Goodness! that will be ages yet! " sighs Sansa " But maybe we could just do this little tiny piece of the wall? "

Ashley joins them " We could do with a higher ceiling!" everyone looks up"
" and a white one" agrees Sansa
" Don't think that will be happening here!" Saffron answers.

Wren comes in and places some flowers in the middle of the floor " Some flowers would be an improvement "
The others agree "It won't hurt for this floor to be sanded and re polished " mutters Ashley
"Yes and maybe a new rug? " says Sansa starting to get excited " and some new cushions! "
Soon the girls are all talking excitedly about the improvements that could be made to their living room.

"There's a lot of noise coming from in here " says Mum walking into the room
Silence... " Am I interrupting? " asks mum bemused by the surprised looks on all their faces.

Four voices clash as they say no, just chilling ,I must go see Percy , how are you mum can I make you a cup of tea!

Mum looks suspicious then says " Percy's in the workshop with Dad and i'd love a cup of tea thank you "
as they start to walk off, Saffron links arms with mum and says " We were thinking it was time for a new look when the studio comes " seeing mum's listening she carries on " and best not to wait until last minute.. we could start now...change the cushions..."

The others start adding their voices to Saffron's but I couldn't quite hear everything as they vanish down the hallway.....



  1. Can't believe what I'm hearing! You over there must thrive on making more work for yourselves...or sucklers for punishment.
    We here are more like 'Live and let live!' or 'Mend and make-do!'

  2. I feel sorry for Percy...poor boy is going to be rushed off his feet soon I bet.....

  3. Planning a redecoration project is a great way to escape the winter doldrums. A little word of advice girls: don't hit Percy with all of your plans at one time; do it incrementally! And make him think it's his idea ;)

  4. Mmm!I'm with Steve on this. One leeeetle thing at a time girls. You need to be careful not to overload Mrs. Mum too, cushions today, new rugs next week and sofa throws in early April, perhaps?
    Then, when Mrs. Mum and Percy have completed the whole revamp, they can come here and start on mine ;) !

  5. HAHA I think they're catching this from you dear Dee!!! But maybe it's time for you to just chill out and worry about cushions and stuff once the new log cabin arrives. Plenty of time for new furnishings then! Now you put your feet up, let those girls pamper you a bit and relax :)

  6. I am so looking forward to the arrival of the cabin! Percy is just amazing and I admire his work ethic. Times, they are “a changin” in the Sasha Village. 😊 xxx