Sunday, 18 March 2018


I just cannot believe this 'Spring' weather we are getting in the UK!

 This was my front garden first thing this morning after it snowing all day yesterday ! Bitterly cold and icy.

and the back garden this morning! icy and still covered in snow up on the grass and borders!

And this weekend we'd planned a small trip away travelling on Saturday to return on Sunday ! Staying in a lovely B&B which had an animal sanctuary attached ! But after reading and seeing the weather forecast for our area and the areas we were to travel to and through ,we altered our plans.

When we left early Saturday morning it was snowing but not settling on the roads thank goodness has it was a long journey ahead. After about two and a half hours the snow stopped and it was just a very grey day which did improve but remained bitterly cold.

Messaging home we were told it was still snowing! But when we crossed the Severn bridge into Wales the skies were bright but cloudy.

View from car window, no time to dilly dally! So we made our destination four hours and twenty minutes from home. Stayed a while and then headed back to beat any incoming bad weather that was predicted. A long and very tiring journey but worth the effort.

Because the area we were going into was due to get a heavy snow fall Saturday night to Sunday morning!

Because the bear that Percy was hunting, was found and caught in Wales. Here's his photo...

Asleep in Percy's cage ! Looks like a large beast to me!! After a nights rest the 'bear' is starting to settle in, feeling his way about and finding his large feet!

So please allow me to introduce Paul's new Golden Retriever puppy. His name is Casper, named from our first retriever of Cassie and our last Jasper. He does have a Kennel club name but not one I'm keen on or wish to share on social media for safety's sake. He is darker than he appears in the photos which is great because Paul wanted a dark one.

This was he's come buy me photo ! How could we resist! We'd started looking casually for a few months , since new year, then Crufts Dog show was on, which made us look a little harder, then this lad's, along with his five brothers and one sister, photos appeared and well the rest was history!

So 2018 appears to be the year of Babies and Puppies in the household and we couldn't be happier !

Of course we'd taken down the fence panels between us and our neighbour and left it open cause we didn't have a dog! So what did we do ... buy one! So last weekend we got these new fence panels in !

On the doll front, I had a couple of outfits arrive which I'll be sharing over the coming week. The log cabin is set to arrive tomorrow, Monday! and because we've gone off on a tangent and bought Casper this weekend nothing's been done towards that ,but then due to the bad weather nothing would have happened anyway!

So I'll be trying to fill the blog with some Sasha photos and stories plus also keeping you up to date each Sunday with events in the garden. It's just as well I'm starting to feel better than I have all winter! Now if we could just have some proper Spring weather things would be perfect!!

Wishing you all a lovely health fun filled week ahead


  1. Yay!!! Casper is absolutely adorable in every way. I love his sweet face and his big feet. He promises to be a big boy! Congratulations to you and Paul for adding a very special member to your family. Look forward to seeing more photos of him as you are able. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, yes he'll be a big one. He's such a sweetheart , It's nice to have a dog in the house again. :) xx

  2. Awwwwwww such a cutie! I love his sweet little face and big paws, congratulations on his arrival Dee and Paul, a wonderful addition to your family. And he'll grow up with Clara! How are the cats getting on with him? Probably keeping well out of his way if they've any sense, puppies can be a bit of a pain in the neck for more mature cats LOL.
    So definitely worth the long drive, I'm sure of it!
    As for the weather, it's the same here, it's not mega cold but we've had no end of rain, I think it's rained almost every day or night for a few weeks now. I'm about fed up with it to be honest. Bring on the spring...and fast!!!

    1. That cats are giving him a wide birth at present, I don't think their impressed that we've let another dog in the house! lol
      He was worth the very long drive, he's off to vets for his check up tomorrow ,so hopefully all will go well.
      Cannot believe how cold it's gone! and of course the heatings packed up at work!! xxx

  3. Oh, how adorable is Casper?!? He just melts your heart! I love Golden Retrievers. They're beautiful, and so sweet and gentle.

    1. He is Steve and a true Golden retriever, just so sweet and happy :)

  4. OH! How gorgeous is Casper! I knew that it wouldn't/couldn't be too long before a new doggie member arrived... especially with the view to keeping Paul company during the day time.
    Labradors are proven to be such wonderful, caring and loveable family dogs!

    Still bitterly cold here although most of the snow has almost nearly all melted now. BTW our white stuff looked remarkably siimilar to yours down there they way it melted and left those individual 'blobs' everywhere.

    Good luck with the delivery of your new Summer/studio house.
    Pleased to hear too that you are finally feeling much better.

    1. He is Kendal and yes Paul was missing having a dog to drive him mad wanting to go in and out all day! ;)
      It's still bitter here today , so hope it warms up soon !
      My log cabin is filling the drive as I type!!
      Thanks it's taken a good while this winter

  5. I knew it!! I am so happy for you both! What a lovely boy and a super name for him! Hope you have got that EB dog bowl on order for him!!

    1. You did! lol Thank you , he is a charmer , we've pleased with the name. I'll be placing my order tomorrow for his EB bowl :)

  6. Now, when you get tired of walking this little fella, his bed is waiting for him here - hee hee!
    What a fantastic little boy. Congratulations to the new puppy parents!

    1. Fortunately at present his too small to walk far but when he needs those hour long walks twice a day i'll send him over for a week or two ! ;)
      Thanks you we've very happy with him :) xx

  7. Congratulations on your adorable new family member! He was worth the long drive. It's so exciting to have a new puppy in your family - but a lot of work, too.
    Can't wait for photos of your log cabin. I hope the sun will come out to shine on it.

    1. Thank You. He was :) It is certainly a lot for work, how soon we forget these things! :) I to cannot wait to see my log cabin up and ready to use!