Monday 5 March 2018


March doll shelf photos for us to study.

First up we have Gregoropolis who like to spend those cold winter days reading and what a lovely selection of books they have. I would not mind sitting and readying along with them.

Next up we have Rosie's girls modelling some sweaters with kittens that she's selling on ebay but first they get to wear them for the March shelf photo, keeping nice and warm in this wintry weather !

Karin's girl Lucy is wearing her fluffy lavender cardigan to keep warm in this Siberian freeze we are all having. She also carries some sweet scented lavender to help us think of spring.

A closer look at the beautiful Lucy in Lavender.

From Ursula we have her new No Navel girl Zazou admiring with her sister, Ronja, a nice indoor planting arrangement .

Meanwhile just over the way , Ellie, Tammy Ygritte and Uma  are admiring Karin's lovely miniature daffodils.

Ygritte leans in to catch a sniff of the scent which is very faint .

Here in the village some of the no navel girls were checking out the living room space.

Sansa, Saffron, Ashley and Wren enjoyed getting together for the shelf photo, they'd been worried it would be taken in the snow!

Ginger's new baby Bramble braves the early spring weather to share these lovely daffodils that are coming up at Cow creek.

Many thanks to all those who have sent in their doll shelf photos. There is still time to add more if you'd like to join in.



  1. Very pleased to see so many signs that 'Spring is hopefully just around the corner' in this Shelf post.
    I'm particularly thrilled too, as an ex teacher, to see those three lads enjoying reading those delightful story books.
    Many thanks to all concerned.

  2. Thank you everyone for the photos this month! Hello Lonely! Remember your old mum who used to make your life a misery.....:)

    1. Noooooo - Mummy HELP!!!

    2. :) :) Hope Lonely has now come out of hiding Rosie!!

    3. Just felt a cold, dark 'shadow of fear' cross my heart with the mention and then connection of Little Lonely and SS!

    4. Really K! I expected better of you :) That is the sort of comment I endure from Dee!!!

    5. SS. Do you want me to delete it then? (Hoping not as I rather liked it!)

  3. What a great bunch of shelf photos this month, and a lovely lot of books those handsome Gregors have between them!
    Also gorgeous knits on all the kids here and super outfits all round!
    One day I will be organised enough to send you some photos day!!!!

  4. Very sweet photos. Hints of Spring are so nice to see. 😊 xxx

  5. I suspect that if my boys could see all of these lovely girls, they would quickly lose interest in their books!