Sunday, 25 March 2018


Well this weeks flown by .. again...

The week's been spent in adjusting to having a puppy in the house! Trying to avoid getting pneumonia from standing outside in the freezing cold, in just a cardigan, while waiting for Casper to do his business and received praise and a treat.
And the effort's paying off as he is now almost toilet trained plus he is now trained to his crate for sleeping and having some quiet time, he's taken himself into it as I type and is having a doze.

He spent the first few days like a whirling dervish, rushing everywhere, attacking everything and ignoring the fact that as a puppy his supposed to need 18 hours sleep a day! Thankful he's settled down more and is now having more naps and not always feeling the need that if someone moves, he needs to follow them to see what they are up to!

In the early days when the only way to keep him still was to pick him up!

He's been to puppy socialisation class , where he meets up with five other puppies , to learn to accept other dogs etc, he's got two more to attend before he moves on to puppy training. But he's a quick learner for some things. The cats have said hello and Mabel set him to task , so now he's careful of them and keeps his distance although making an overture for play.

The log Cabin was delivered on Monday and they had no problem as they carried the package down on a special forklift and were able to place it on the drive.

So we are now in the process of emptying the gazebo and finding places for everything and also what needs dumping or selling on.

I'd hoped to have some doll time this weekend but after working Saturday and finishing later than expected , then today's need to get on with clearing and removing the gazebo I've not had a minute!

Mind you Paul confessed that Casper found Elton Ron, the baby, and took him off ! But luckily Paul saw him and Elton Ron was rescued before he lost any more digit's.

So I'm hoping to get a nice Sasha/Gregor post together for in the week plus I'm sure the boy's at least will want to 'help' with all the changes happening in the garden.

We are just waiting on some warmer weather!! which according to the current forecast we are not getting anytime soon!.

We're cleared the gazebo and Paul made a start on removing the walls ,that we'd added so we could over winter some of the plants a few years back, then after that it became a bit of a dumping ground.

The rest will have to wait until next weekend , weather permitting , because it's Easter weekend we'll have four days to make some progress.

We now have loads of pieces of furniture under the carport along with various boxes of books, cd's and other items scattered between there and the kitchen and hallway! I truly cannot believe just how much there is!  So hard decisions will have to be made on what really must move on! I did think this would all be quite straight forward and not take to long ! but have to confess that it's hard work and going to take quite a while and involve a lot more work than I first thought plus I've just realised that just maybe I'm getting a little old for all this!
Not that it will stop me , I'll just moan about it more when I cannot find the energy to get up off the sofa at the end of a day of cleaning out and sorting out and carrying! But it's also a good way to find out just what you have hidden away and no longer need and that it all needs to go now !

Of course now the gazebo's opened up again it looks nice being able to see more of the garden through it! But it's no good  the Sasha studio can only go in that place, so lets hope it looks okay once it's up.

So only a couple of old Sasha photos to share today

Ollie back in 2015 nice and snug in his fleece jacket.

Some of the Sasha's back in 2016

 And Libby back in  Sept 2017 when it was warm!!

So hoping to do better on the posting front next week, I hope you all have a lovely week and if you are celebrating Easter or not, that you have a great long weekend.

Now since we can do no more to day I'm off to change a few dolls and take a few photos , that's if I can get out the chair!! ;)


  1. So much activity at your place! Those early days of house training a puppy can be quite exhausting, but Casper is making excellent progress. He's a smart little guy, and so cute too. I keep looking at our yard , all brown and covered with winter grime, and wish I could get outside. Unfortunately it's still far too early. I love your stone garden edging. That's something you absolutely can't find in the US.

    1. So much but it all seems not to have moved on hardly! He is a sweetheart and will calm down as he grows.. she says hopefully... lol
      Same here , the garden is desperate for attention but the weather is just almost constant heavy rain! at the first glimpse of a bit of sun everything will run riot and the weeds will reign!!
      The stone edging used to be round a small border on the old patio but is too nice not to use elsewhere , it's just waiting for us to have a chance to find it a new home. It's a shame you cannot get hold of it where you are.

  2. My goodness what a busy week you've had - I'm exhausted just reading about it!
    I'm so looking forward to seeing your cabin in place - I'm sure it won't be long .
    As for Casper, he's a real sweetheart, how quickly he's settling in. I wondered how he'd get on with your cats - should have known they'd set the standard!

    1. I'm exhausted seeing it in print! lol Me too, where's those boy scouts when you need them? is it still bob a job ? or is it now flash the plastic? :)

      Casper and the cats are still getting used to each other. Mabel is bravest and walks right passed him daring him to follow, and on occasion he tries jumping about and trying to play with her until we save him! Saffy is treating him with the contempt she saves for all dogs and is now willing to sit on back of sofa's staring down at him from her loft perch. Milo is still in the ... are they mad stage and is living mainly upstairs on the beds when he's in! He wait until Casper's calm down before he decides to check him out up close!

  3. Lots of activity going on down there! So glad that it's all down there and not up here as this is the sort of thing that proves just too much for me these days, especially after all that work that has been done previously on, not only the Gazebo, but on the old studio shed. Would have broken my heart!

    Hoping that Easter weekend doesn't turn out to be as cold and bad as is forecasted weather wise and so allows you both to 'crack on!'
    Will keep watch on the progress, as and when.
    Adore Casper.

    1. There is and it is a shame it's all having to change but we seem never to let the grass grow under our feet , if we need to change something. I'm sure this bigger studio will be just perfect once finished , for me to spend hours playing dolls!
      The weather this week so far is rain rain rain! I'm seriously considering becoming a duck!
      Casper is adorable :)

  4. Casper is so adorable and smart too. I am glad he is fast adjusting to his new home. I am also glad your cabin delivery went well. It looks like a lot of work to come but it will be worth it. A great post! 😊 xxx

    1. The lad is cheeky and too clever by half! which in one way is good :) I was so relieved the cabin was delivered without a problem, now we just need to get it up!
      Thank you :) xx

  5. Oh my goodness such a cute puppy, and obviously very intelligent as most Golden Retrievers are, and learning quickly. I wish there'd been puppy socialising classes around here when my dogs were young!!!
    Well I felt warn out just reading this post, you have so much going on and so much to sort out, but I'm sure it'll all happen eventually and your lovely Sasha studio will be up and running in no time at all.
    Have a lovely Easter, try not to wear yourself out completely!!!

    1. I have to agree lol :) He does appear to be a clever lad and think he likes it here, even with the cats not wanting to play with him! :)
      I hope you are right and it all gets done soon! The only thing holding us up at present is the constant rain almost all day everyday!
      Thanks you too! xxx