Sunday 2 December 2018


December ! Yes that's correct December ! The twelfth month in the calendar, the last month of the year 2018 !

So it's time for Granny to reopen her shop for Christmas and once it's up and running she'll have a permanent place, so could be open all year round! Heaven help us! She's been hoping Mr Dad would make her a new counter but he's been very busy since the two puppies arrived, it takes a lot of walks and training while they are young so many things have taken a bit of a back seat.

But now with winter starting and the nights so much longer , little jobs about the house are starting to come to mind , so I am hopeful that over this winter we can get some more of the house decorated etc.

And of course Christmas is now only 22 days away!! With Clara coming for her first Christmas we'll be needing lots of things for her to see including a Christmas tree ! However we also have Casper and Rufus, who love to rough and tumble through the downstairs knocking over and bouncing off anything in their path..... so where exactly this years Christmas tree is going to be put will be a challenge , the next challenge being will they leave it alone! Or will Rufus , who just loves retrieving , be retrieving the ornaments that take his fancy!!
We'll be finding out next weekend when the tree goes up!

On the doll front I have been very good, only buying a sweater from Rosie, just today, and Granny Fortuna buying herself a shabby chic drawer unit for her shop.

It's a shame this unit does not have the three top drawers but then it may have cost a lot more. I will ask Paul, when he has some time, to make some new ones. I love the little wooden handles and it may be hard to find some the same , so I may use something totally different and also have the drawers in a different colour to the others but that will be for when Granny's shut for the Christmas break! Of course Granny will be having her say on exactly what happens with 'her' unit!

I had hoped to get Granny's Christmas tale moving quickly but due to having caught a cold in the last few days and this making me free light headed if I'm standing too long, I've had to do just a very basic quick photo shoot for in the week. I'm hoping it's going to be better  tomorrow when i'm at work!!
 Which reminds me,
We had a message down at work ,from those on high, about needing to clean our keyboards regularly and other items with antibacterial wipes as the winter is coming and too many people are going off ill! Mmm and this would have nothing to do with the fact that we no longer stand/sit behind glass and are nice and up close to our coughing , sneezing customers ?

Don't get me wrong, I do like our new branch layout , it is much more customer friendly and easier to move about in but surely it's obvious that germs can be much more easily transferred than before we had such an open layout.

So a reminder to those who would like to take part in this years last Doll shelf post which is on the 5th. I have already received some lovely photos to share and it would be nice to have some more to boost them up.

So wishing anyone with a birthday this month a very Happy Birthday and to everyone, enjoy the week ahead and find a few minutes or more for some doll time, you know it makes you happy !



  1. How exciting to have Clara there for Christmas! Plus Casper and Rufus too. It sounds like you will have a house full. That is so nice especially during the holidays. Granny is lucky that Paul is so handy to be able to replace those missing drawers. It will be better than ever when he is done. Have a great week Dee! 😊 xxx

    1. It is Exciting to have a baby with us for Christmas.I'm so looking forward to having the family over for Christmas.
      Granny is very lucky that Paul will be able to make her the missing drawers in the new Year. Thanks have a good week too :) xx

  2. Awww you're going to have such a super time with Clara there with you for Christmas Dee, and such fun opening her presents. Ok, playing with the wrapping paper and completely ignoring the presents!! But fun all the same. As for the dogs, oh my goodness yes, that is going to be a challenge with the tree but lets hope that Rufus decides quickly that the tree is boring and finds something else to play with.
    I look forward to seeing Granny's shop opening again for the Holiday Season and what delights she will have for sale there.

    1. We will , it will probably pass right over Clara's head this year but we'll enjoy seeing all her presents even if she's still playing with the paper! lol

      Alas Rufus gets bored easily so the Christmas tree will be a challenge for both him and us!
      I believe , since my cards gone walkabout again, that Granny's out getting in new stock for this year! :) xxx

  3. Yes December did sneak up this year - can't believe how quickly! It's going to be so lovely having Clara for her first Christmas.
    Granny's new unit looks great - you always manage to find great furniture. As for chubby chik - lol!!

    1. It always seems to sneak up around here! Clara's attendance for Christmas is wonderful.
      I do love small furniture and having someone to buy it for is a bonus ;) Yes Granny never quite gets it right.. these new fangled sayings :)

  4. Looks like you are going to have your hands full with THREE new youngsters over Christmas!
    Get better soon. (I read somewhere that our {though not mine as it hardly ever gets used!} mobile phone screens have more bacterial germs on them than toilet seats.

    1. One never thinks of these things when falling in love with puppies , just when a grandchild's arrived!!
      I'm into day four of my virus ! But am feeling a lot better so back to work tomorrow! Since I've never taken my phone in the toilet I trust it's not that bad ! It's more like the customers breathing on me due to open banking!