Sunday, 9 December 2018


Well the best laid plans and all that! There was I with Granny Fortuna chasing my tail about her Christmas posts but I just had to ignore her ( I know dangerous! )  and give in to the virus that had decided to stay awhile longer than usual !

Not being one to spend all day in bed I found myself sitting covered up in the afternoons watching all the Christmas/ winter films that were being shown back to back on TV. I don't usually watch daytime TV but was so bored that it was better than nothing and I found if I dozed off and woke again it didn't really matter story wise!!

Also this meant I was able to scroll around the internet , Granny Fortuna at my shoulder!, and purchase things for her shop ! She made good use of my weakened state and various parcels have been arriving and been whisked off by said Granny without me getting a look!

I managed to drag my bones into work yesterday and so it's not been until today that I've been able to think about things that need doing.

I still need to get Christmas cards, a wreath for the front door and loads of other things, so we went out to check  what was around for Christmas!
We headed for one of our favourite shops and on the way called into a local garden centre, it's not one we visit much and it turned out not to be worth the visit this time ! So we carried on.

The shop we arrived at sells secondhand furniture and items along side a few new pieces, we have bought and even sold to them over the years but in late November and all through December it fills with Christmas decoration and goodies.

I could not find my camera, so had to use my phone, but below are photos from today's visit , I found a couple of Christmas items but we did find something we just could not pass by, so I wonder if you can pick out just what came home with us ! I'll share at the end of the post and you can see if you were right!

They have a shop and out back this long double chalet and also a barn.

inside the bigger of the two chalet buildings were walls of decorations.


full of glitter and sparkle.

They also do a large selection of garden statuary.

some is very basic but there area few gems amongst them

This building is the barn

 It's filled with old china and other items plus pine furniture.

There are new items also mixed in on the shelves.

 more decorative items

 and some strange animals !

 a pig in boots and a straw hat! You never know what will be sitting on a shelf or round a corner!

It's the sort of place you need to spend time in and search to find that piece of treasure that you love.
I nearly bought a small china jug that really appealed to me , it was only £4.00 but I managed to resist.. this time..

Well any idea what we bought? Paul saw it first and pointed it out to me and I was smitten straight away !

On a positive note I do have this coming week off ! So will be able to get Granny's tale photographed and back on track! Although Princess Clara is coming for a few days visit mid week , she's insisting on checking out her Christmas accommodation ! so she can see just how big her Christmas stocking is and if the chimney's big enough for Santa to get down!

I still need to get my front door wreath! and make space for the Christmas tree and lots of other pre Christmas things, like buy other members of the family, apart from Clara , a present!

I did receive a couple more knitted items for the Sasha's this week.

 From Rosie we have the yellow and red winter sweater and there are already arguments about who gets to wear it first!

and from Diane one of her wonderful shawls. Even more dolls are after this not just the Sasha's! I'm sure I saw a glint in Granny's eye as I removed it from it's packing ! and a few of the Schoenhut dolls have been admiring it!

Well did you work out what came home with us from the Christmas store?

 Did you guess ! It was the pipe smoking Rabbit!

The detail on him is wonderful and he's made of metal because he is nice and heavy,I am quite tempted to go back and get his friend, the rat , who is holding a mug of ale ! But I need to think about it , he was not cheap!

So tomorrow Granny will be in her shop up to who knows what !  having bought new stock and with a much larger shop in which to display it !

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy week ahead.



  1. I was hoping it was the rabbit. If I can’t have him I’m glad you do. He is just wonderful. (He looked awfully happy posed with his friend...)
    What a wonderful shop. It is probably a good thing I do not have anything like it close. It would be very hard on the purse strings.
    Have a wonderful time with Clara. How exciting to have a young child at Christmastime.
    Oh, and Granny Fortuna is a favorite here. We hope she has an exceptional sales season and can keep her shop open year round. It would be a shame to have her new counter in storage until next year. Besides, I can just imagine the “fun” she could have with the Village children during the summer holidays.

    1. His friend does look good with him ;) It is a great shop and I try not to visit too often or my house would be full of even more bits and pieces!
      Granny is looking to have a permanent place I just need to find the best spot in the studio.

  2. I admit that I saw the rabbit on Facebook so I already knew, but he's fantastic, and you've answered my question because I wondered what he was made of. He is very detailed and looks perfect, but maybe a little lonely for his friend to join him ;)
    The knits are great, yes I can see a big fight over those.
    Enjoy your visit with the Princess Clara, you're going to have a lot of fun when she's there with you for Christmas!!

    1. I know I just couldn't wait to share! He is so nice and may go see if he's friend would like a home in the new year ;)
      I'm really looking forward to her being with us for Christmas, she's way too young to understand it but we'll enjoy it for her ;) xx

  3. Being on Facebook like Sharon I had an unfair advantage as I also knew what you had bought.
    I love shops/garden centres etc like these but as you say, TIME to look around is needed. Those two small cart wheels took my fancy, as I've always wanted to buy one, although on a much bigger scale, to display in the garden.
    Please get better soon and enjoy your week off work.

    1. I love finding little gems like the rabbit , well made and with lovely detail and being able to find a home for them with me.

  4. I knew too Dee from Facebook. What a terrific rabbit and with a pipe too! Your knitted items are so lovely.

    I hope you feel much better very soon. Take care my friend. 😊 xxx

    1. I have to agree he is wonderful and even with a pipe in this pc day and age :) xx

  5. Take it easy, Dee. Hope you're feeling better soon.