Friday, 28 December 2018


Well I hope you have all had a lovely festive break and enjoyed the giving and  receiving of gifts from friends and family.
I have really enjoyed decorating the house this Christmas and not just for Clara , although it could be that since she'll be about that's coloured my view.

I have always owned the Cherished Teddies Nativity but this year I decided to add a few more winter Christmas cherish teddies to my small collection

This was my first purchase, an Eskimo decorating his tree by his igloo.

Then this reindeer bearing Santa, assisted by a friend.

Then Nils with his little reindeer in training.

As is usual when an idea takes me , I had to stop myself buying too many , because I started having visions of a winter wonderland landscape of  cherished teddies out in the snow ! Especially as I have nowhere to make a winter landscape in the house.... at present...

I have had a lovely Christmas and received some lovely gifts from friends and family, I hope you all did also.



  1. Your little Cherished Teddies are delightful Dee, I have a few, but always enjoy seeing others. :) Hope the coming year brings you and hubby, health and happiness!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks. I love seeing other people too :)
      I hope the coming year treats you and your family well xx

  2. They look so festive Dee. My mother has several that the children bought her when young. She was always delighted to have another though I don't think any are winter bears.

    1. That was nice to get them from children as presents. My eldest daughter used to collect them when she was young, so I always bought them for her and only ever got myself the Nativity set.

  3. Those are such cute little bears Dee, I've just been looking at them on your photos on Flickr...I can imagine you wanting to have a whole village scene of them ;)
    I hope you had a great time with Clara and the rest of your family at Christmas.
    And finally I can so relate to the fact that things don't get done, and I don't have a full time job like you do so I really don't have any excuse!!!!

    1. They are too cute Sharon , I've already succumbed to a few more! lol
      We had a lovely time with Clara and the family, a wonderful family Christmas.
      I'm wondering if it's an age thing? as we get older we are less inclined to get a move on ! lol xxx

  4. My first introduction to these little Cherished Teddy ornaments. I live and learn.

    I'm always amazed when I look back and see just what I managed to get done at Christmas time even when teaching right up into the Christmas week (although it was much easier when we had the week off before the 25th and then the also week after that but that was dependant on what day of the week Christmas fell on.)
    Nowadays, even though retired, I still can't get into the Christmas prep mood until very much nearer THE day so it all ends in a mad rush and a case of 'What gets done, gets done, and what doesn't, doesn't!'