Thursday 13 December 2018


Well of course you out there who have grandchildren , will have laughed heartily at my Sunday statement of my intention to get all my photos done to carry on Granny's Christmas tale this week !

Her Maj arrived one day early ! Tuesday and she's teeth... so it's been all hands on deck to take her mind off her hurts.  She's been a little trooper but at of course it's a tough time for a baby.

So I am sharing a photo of  some of my teddies that I took just before she came , when I was trying to find some space in the cabinet for some of my larger BJD dolls. However they were too large to fit that particular shelf , so the teddies got their shelf back and a rearrange and a few extra friends.

Then of course the boiler's decided to leak! So have had to have the plumber round about that today and on Wednesday I had two appointments in town , one in the morning and one in the afternoon!

So Granny is tapping her foot waiting, however she does vanish to answer the door whenever the postwoman calls and oddly sometimes there's no post? strange...

Hoping to continue sometime before 2019.........



  1. A lovely bunch of teddies there Dee.
    I think you'll have far more fun with Clara than you will trying to sort out Granny and her shop, so I'd say to just have fun and if Granny's shop doesn't get filled, well there's always the January sales!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I do love teddy bears and have to stop myself from buying them!
      Granny Likes your idea about January sales.. as long as she gets a few christmas sales first ! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. well they were in my head Kendal it was getting laid out that's been the problem! :)