Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Well it's now time for the last doll shelves of the year! And what a lovely year of doll shelves have we had.
Many thanks to all those who took part whenever they could and also to those who joined in every month. It's your photos that give us the chance to enjoy other dolls, their clothing and their settings.

So let's get this party started..

First up we have Jane W's Choir girls getting in some carol singing practice with Lorina on the harp.

While elsewhere in the house two of her babies are patiently waiting for Rudolf to get up and take them on a sleigh ride! Come on Rudy get a move on!

Over in Wales Jenni's girls , Bea and Missy are planning on writing out their letters to Santa right after they've decided what they really want this Christmas !

Over in Cow Creek , young Gracie's found the Christmas dolls and is having fun playing with them.

While at Gregoropolis Christmas decorations are being found and plans made for decorating the home.

While the lads have dressed in their lovely winter wear ready to go find just the right Christmas tree ! They are hoping to get out without any of those new bossy girls, Christmas trees are their department  !

Over in Switzerland Karin's girl Darcy is getting some much needed vitamins , that orange looks yummy.

There is still time to have your photo added, I'm is still on the way....

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and if so would you like to continue in 2019 !



  1. Love these posts - and one day I will send one in, my NY resolution.
    Great to see that Christmas has started in Sashaland xx

  2. Wonderful photos! Happy Christmas everyone! ❤️🎄 xxx

  3. Lazy photographer that I am (had meant to send you a Christmas tree decorating scene, but the 7" tree is still unwrapped!) I would LOVE to see this monthly treat continue.
    Merry Christmas to all who have shown us all their lovely dolls and a big THANK YOU to Mrs. Mum for hosting the sharing.

    PS, P-l-a-s-e could my Sasha toddlers and Berite see Mr. Mossy somewhere in crowd scene in Granny Fortuna's tale this Christmas. They do miss him!

  4. Lovely photos Dee, Jane W's Choir girls on the top shelf is my most favourite of all, their costumes are simply delightful!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!
    Big hugs,

  5. Can hardly believe that this is the twelfth 5th of the month Doll Shelf gathering and I did manage ONE contribution this year.
    I remember my daughter taking loads of photos of Jane's Choir kids at one CnS for her to use as Christmas cards.
    My thanks to all those who have been kind enough to send in their most enjoyable photos each month for us to admire...although it makes me feel somewhat guilty for not doing more from here. Hopefully next year!?!?

  6. Lovely Christmassy photos Dee, thanks to you and their owners for sharing. I'm going to be like Tricia above and try to make it my New Years resolution to send you in a photo or two each month....yes and we all know what I'm like with my resolutions!!!