Saturday, 1 December 2018


Today is the 1st of December ! The weather knows it's winter because the day has been cold and wet! Which is why now it's dark and people are watching the television or on the computer others are up to  who knows what!

" This is very heavy!" complains a voice
" Oh stop your moaning !"  sighs an older female voice " I thought they had a light out here? "

Suddenly the car port fills with light !

and we can see Granny Fortuna and Toby and Zak but what are they up to!

"Why's it so far into the car port? " grouses Toby " Why didn't you get the man to deliver it to the door!"
" Never you mind " tsk's Granny " and keep your voice down !"
" Why? "
" Because we are not supposed to be outside without Mrs Mum or Mr Dad , that's why "

After a lot of lifting and dropping and moaning and groaning the boys along with Granny finally make it to the front door.

" Now you need to be very quiet " says Granny sternly " we don't want to upset your parents !"
 " What is this old piece of rubbish anyway!" asks Toby " It's got bits missing and a big scratch and looks tatty!"

" It's a new unit for my shop !"
"It's not new Granny ! " exclaims Toby " You've been robbed if they told you this was new !"

"It's new to me! " Granny says " It's what we call Chubby chick "
" Chubby chick? " says Toby and Zak together
" Are you selling fat chicks this Christmas ? "
" What are you on about ? " Granny says bewildered.

Finally the light kicks in, the problems of being too small for them to see your movement!

" Fat Chick? " Granny continues " Of course I am not selling fat chicks ! The very idea !"
" Well you said it was for your chubby chicks !"
" I did not !"
" You did Too!"
" I did not .. I said it was chabby  chick "
Suddenly Zak see's the light " Of course shabby chic !"
"That's what I said "
"No you didn'... " starts Toby until Zak pinches his arm " Ouch!"

" Well it's defo Shabby !" mutters Toby looking daggers at Zak for pinching him
" Now just get a move on before someone comes " Granny says looking around now the lights on showing anyone just whats happening on the door step.

"What's going on! " a voice suddenly asks , making everyone jump and Granny touch her heart
Bruno and Saffy appear at the open doorway and check out Toby and Zak and the unit.

Saffy wanders off since no foods involved in chaos at the front door.
"What are you doing? " asks Bruno looking at the boys.
" Helping Granny with her new...  old .. chic unit " they talk over each other.
" oh that looks heavy "
" It is" they chorus

"I'd have thought you'd take those big drawers out to make it lighter? " Bruno comments

Toby and Zak look at each other " Why didn't you think of that!" demands Toby
" Why didn't you!" Zak argues back
" Stop arguing and take the drawers out" demands Granny, getting irritated, she's sure any moment they'll be discovered!

 Bruno helps the boys remove the drawers, making the unit much lighter, then looks over at Granny who won't catch his eye.
"Granny where did you get this unit? "
" Come along boys lets get moving " Granny pretends not to hear Bruno
"Granny? "

Now the unit's lighter Toby and Zak soon have it into the house and head towards the back door via the kitchen, so as not to disturb mum and dad.
Leaving Granny and Bruno at the front door with the drawers.
" Well? "
" Very well thank you Bruno " says Granny " and you? are you well? "

"Where did you get the money to buy new units for the shop? " ask Bruno in a determined voice
Granny realises Bruno will not move without an answer

Suddenly she smiles " Well where do you think ! The bank of Mum and Dad!" Then she sweeps passed him into the house " Don't forget to bring those two drawers Bruno and shut the door it's letting cold air in!" and then she's gone....



  1. Sounds like you may need to put in some overtime at work. So glad Granny is feeling well this holiday season.

    1. Overtime will definitely be needed with Granny's wants! Maybe Granny's feeling too well this season!

  2. Granny is an enterprising businesswoman, that's for sure! I'm not surprised she recruited Toby and Zak to be part of her little scheme. I wonder what she has planned next!

    1. She is and I notice she's picked two of the younger boys to help ! Who know whats she's up to but I'm sure it will cost me....

  3. I love 'shabby-chic' so can't wait to see the finished results.
    Great night time post with the security lighting adding to the overall effectiveness.
    Always extra thrilled when Toby and Zak (and dear little Bruno) are involved.
    Clever and sensible idea of Bruno's to take out those two heavy drawers to make it lighter to move. No flies on him!
    Love the statement 'Thanks to the bank of mum and dad.'

    1. We love a bit of Shabby chic round here and Toby is always up to some mischief with poor Zak tagging along.
      Bruno is a clever lad and it appears the bank of mum and dad is being raided!

  4. Hurrah!The gentle chaos that seems to follow Granny F each December,without her even noticing, is back!

    1. GENTLE Chaos ! I think it's more just pure chaos with Granny involved!

  5. A great Granny post! Toby, Zak and Bruno are great helpers once they figured out the drawers were heavy and best removed. I can hard wait to see the next Granny post. 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger :) They could have done with Bruno's input earlier it would have saved them some time and energy!
      I can hardly wait too! :)

  6. Oooops I hope that unit wasn't too expensive Dee, you do not want dear furniture purchases appearing on your credit card just before Christmas!!!
    PS Love the markings on your cat, so pretty!

    1. I hope so too! At least I know Granny likes a bargain so hopefully it should not break the bank!
      Saffy is a lovely coloured act I think it's called tortoiseshell :) xxx