Sunday 23 December 2018


and all through the house nothing is moving....... apart from Granny Fortuna!!! It would appear that while the dog was away the cat and mouse had a play...

I finally gave in to Granny Fortuna's complaints that she was missing important sales before Christmas and allowed her to move her shop back into the house  ! unfortunately she could not go in her usual spot so she's now up in the bedroom!  Don't ask! But she's been selling like it's been going out of fashion, bucking the trend on the high street and is looking at a good pre Christmas profit !
She'll be back after Christmas to start her sales.


Granny had to go up into the bedroom due to the fact that our boiler is leaking! Yes of course just before Christmas and in the start of winter the boiler is in need of replacing!! Luckily it is working but the plumber will be arriving early in the new year to replace it with one with a nice long guarantee !

So there's been no time to sort out any of Granny's Christmas tale but hopefully that will appear early next year.

Also on the home front  I've not sent off any of my parcels and cards that need to go abroad or even in this country, so they'll all be arriving late as usual! When I was much younger I'd be sitting here at this stage in the month of December with everything done, posted and wrapped and just waiting for the day to arrive but it seems the older I get the more I faff about and things just don't get done in time or do but just by the skin of my teeth!

So tomorrow is Christmas eve.... so soon !!! The banks been very generous and is letting us out early! at 2 pm.... with luck that means we'll be out by 2.45 and home by 3.30. Then The fun can begin!

Have a great week ahead, enjoy whatever celebrations you are having if you are having them and if not, enjoy the quiet time.



    Big hugs,

    1. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Hugs Dee x

  2. Well, Granny may have gotten a late start, but her shop looks absolutely splendid! I'm sure she'll do very well this season, perhaps even good enough for her and Bruno to take a little winter vacation :-) I'm afraid I was a bit off my Christmas game too this year. I going to try harder next year. Maybe I'll succeed (the bar is pretty low right now). A very merry Christmas to you and your family!


    1. I can hear the clink of her counting from downstairs ! A very good Christmas rush occurred ! A winter holiday .. now there's a plan .. could give me a chance to remove her shop back to the studio..shhh don't tell her ;)
      I think it's been one of those years for it! Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you and John and the rest of your family x

  3. Alas, poor Granny! Sick last Christmas and beset by leaky plumbing this year 9not to mention the other residents of the Village who share the boiler!). But she could celebrate the arrival of the Magi with gifts in early January instead.
    Open the shop soon, Granny, we've missed your wit and wisdom and also want to see what you are selling!

    1. Yes Poor Granny ! I have to be careful or she'll demand to move on to a village that appreciates her more!
      I'm sure her sales will go down a treat come January! :)

  4. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Dee and that your boiler is now fixed....doesn't it always happen that something goes wrong just before a holiday or a long weekend! And who needs the extra expense either.
    I look forward to reading all about Grandma's sales really soon!
    Big hugs xx