Friday, 19 July 2019


"Percy ! Where's your shirt! It's cold outside and raining!"

"Mummmm ! Pirates don't need shirts!" complains Percy " and please be quiet I've got to make an announcement!"

" Ahoy! Ye Land Lubbers ! It be Percy the Pirate here ! Shiver me Turnips and butternut squash !
I be a tellin you all about the Parlay of all the Pi rat es in the Carrot Bean ! That will take place at
the chat n snap , where you may find a trove of treasures !
You'll need to come in ya best capt'n togs if you wish to attend the parlay or you can stay with thems old biddies that likes ta drink tea and gossip about.... ( shiver )... Sashas...
So remember only one of ya crew can attend the parley although it's been known for a stowaway or two to sneak aboard ! "

"So if ya comin ya better pay ya fee and get ya name of the parlay list , those winds will soon have a ship aheading to the Carrot Bean where the only meat eaten is by the sharks that circle the island..... "



  1. Well shiver me timbers, that sounds like a rummy good time (Sorry, I'll never win any "talk like a pirate" contests). I love Percy's hipster pirate look!