Sunday 14 July 2019


Sunday arrives again much to speedily for my liking , as Paul and myself had this week off and have had a wonderful week, just pottering about doing things around the house and garden but with no hurry because  well we were on holiday!

My youngest daughter visited for a couple of days along with the Princess that is Clara. So her Grandee had a great time playing and reading books to her, giving her cuddles and all those other things Grandee's do.

I was able to see if she fit into an arts and crafts children's chair I bought a while back. When it came I was worried it was too small and narrow but she was able to sit in it fine and enjoyed eating her lunch while sitting in it.
The chair is shown here in the photo I shared on Friday, on the right with Teddy sitting in it.

The cane chair I have had for years , it's still a little on the high size for her, she needs to climb into it.

Here she is eating her lunch but being disturbed by the dogs in the other room making a noise.!

Of course I'd not got round to making the cushions for both chairs and also realised that this sweet wooden one needs some reglue-ing and clamping because it was pretty wobbly , when it suddenly had a tot and not a ted sitting in it!
So the wooden chair's stayed with me and the cane chair's gone home with Clara .

I have had a few successes in my clearing out. I had two very large boxes, both of which were full of old photo albums, they'd been moved from elsewhere and then just sat around in the way for ages .

Well I spent a couple of hours removing all the photos from the albums, getting rid of lots of photos that were just of the scenery , just keeping a couple or scenic views in each album. So these two boxes are now empty and out in carport waiting to be used elsewhere or given away and all the photos are now in just one small box on top of the wardrobe!

Here is a photo of the new box of photos! Tiny compared to the two above this one.

I was so pleased with how this worked out that I got three huge boxes from my doll studio and was determined to turn three into two, by selling on some clothes towards Coco's adoption fees and also having a general clear out of unused things.. Not only did I get the three large boxes I then went back for a few bags and smaller boxes !
Soon I was surrounded by a sea of clothing for various sized dolls!

By late afternoon , early evening I started listing a few on the blog sale page and then gave a link on the bazaar and added a few on ebay! So I was getting messages , along with offers and purchases from all over the place.
Which was lovely but I had to keep my wit's about me or I could have landed up selling something twice!

This morning I've been busy packing everything that sold and doing the postage online, while also dealing with any other sales.
I planned to stop and make Clara's chair cushion but the new fabric I'd bought for this reason smelt very chemically when I found the bag it was in, so that's now on the washing line having been washed and once it dries I'll make her cushion.

She's having a field of rabbits on her cushion.

Paul did do some work on the kitchen, putting the infill piece in the corner and fitting and painting the door under the sink.

We've also fitted a cupboard above the range cooker which will have one long door. We need to empty the cupboards on the left, so that can be moved over to fit snug against this new cupboard.

The new fitted microwave's arrived, so now Paul can make the door to the cupboard above as the internal shelves had to be moved to fit.

So not too far to go, some base/kick boards, infill piece for top corner, door to new over range cupboard, tiles, repair and repaint all the walls.... mm okay .. maybe still a fair bit to do .. but we are getting there ..slowly!

Well I'm off to continue sorting out these boxes, I've yet to have a completely empty and redundant box of any size! I did manage to empty a bag.... however I've filled another one with post!

but at least that will be empty once I've walked round to the post box later this evening.

Well I wish everyone a lovely healthy week ahead , I'll be back with more on Coco and her meeting with Valentine later this week.



  1. So good to see you managed to move some "stuff" on Dee, I really need to get stuck into mine too, but I am still very unmotivated . . . or perhaps just plain lazy. :)
    Don't know how you did it with having visitors and the kitchen renos to be done, you have my admiration for sure.
    Big hugs,

  2. Clara has really grown! She'll be using the larger chair in no time! Looks like a lot of good progress is being made all around.

  3. WOW you did really well Dee, I bet you feel very pleased with yourself and no so overwhelmed by all the extra stuff now :)