Monday, 8 July 2019


That's the sound of me falling from my no buying any more dolls wagon... was it painful ? Of course not ! It's never painful having a new , to me, doll arrive , although I only allowed myself the purchase by deciding I'd sell some clothes toward the cost.

But what's a person to do when you see a doll that appeals very much but know you shouldn't , so walk away........ only to head off to bed several hours later ,put your head on the pillow and for her to tell you her name and what she's interested in and how she'd love to meet one of your existing dolls!

That's when you get up , go back downstairs, put in an offer , go back to bed leaving it to fate and then in the morning find the offer's been accepted, which you were almost certain it would be , because she'd been talking to you, so you knew she'd be coming to stay!

So I'm about to give up some very nice clothing for my dolls to pay her adoption fees.........


  1. Haha Dee, you are naughty!!! But hey, life's to short, you go for it girlie and enjoy her!!

    1. I know and when there's no hope.. well... might as well enjoy it ;) xx