Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Mon petit oiseau
A pris sa volée
Mon petit oiseau
A pris sa volée

A pris sa, à la volette
A pris sa, à la volette
A pris sa volée

Who is this coming up the drive singing in french?

Whoever it is looks like they are staying a while!


They stop singing as they near the front door.

"Bonjour! Hello ! " they call out to Martha who is standing at the door.

The newcomer comes to a sudden stop.

" Bonjour Hello " the young girl says slightly out of breath from her ride 
" Hello and Bonjour " replies Martha " Are we expecting you? "

The girl removes her sunglasses " Non .. I mean no .. " she says with a slight accent " I am a.. how you say... inattendue.. mm .. not expected non !"

" I see " smiles Martha  " That happens a lot round here . I'm Martha "

" I am Coco Alexandra Brodeur and now Owen ! " she giggles.

" I am very happy to be here in this place " Coco says very formally
" We are happy to have you here " Martha returns

" I am ... excitee to finally rencontrer.. mm find..non....see...amm  encounter ? Valentine ! " this last she says with a smile of such joy "
" Valentine? "
"Oui !" says Coco excitedly " He is kept here , Oui? "
" He lives here , we don't keep him " then Martha adds " well mum keeps him in check ! or he'd spend all the money on fabric and furniture !"
" Magnifique !" 

"You'd better come inside " says Martha turning towards the door 
Coco stops and looks down at the threshold " It is now you say...mm.. coated under? "
" undercoated " confirms Martha

" Which couleur will we be? "
Martha thinks for a minute.. " Oh the step ! It will be black couleur... colour "

"Mmm this is very... how you say...mmm sure "
" Yes we are sure " replies Martha
" Sure.. mm sure.. sa... f..e " says Coco " mm traditionnelle "
" yes I suppose it is traditional "

" Come along inside " says Martha " We can talk about the colour of the threshold with the oldies"

Leaving Coco's heavily laden bike on the drive, Martha encourages Coco inside to meet Mum and dad and everyone else.

She cannot wait to see Valentine's face when Coco appears.... 



  1. What a wonderful addition to the village. Emile and Louisette say that French kids add a certain flair and sophistication to any household!

    1. She'll certainly make her presence felt. We did hava french residence a while back but she moved over seas.
      The place does seem to have lost something when she left , lets hope Coco's brought it with her ;)

  2. Ooo la la I am tinking zat zere weel be some fun to be 'ad ere now ;-)

  3. Awww how lovely! At first when I saw her rolling up the drive on her heavily laden bicycle I thought it was Hattie and wondered where she'd been to!
    But this young lady looks like a lovely new addition to the Village crew!

    1. With the hat she does have a look of our Hattie but a totally different kettle of fish as they say!! xx