Friday 26 July 2019


Someone is busy working  !

They are muttering away to themselves " mmm grey could be okay but I think the antique white will look better against the grain of the wood.... "

" I wonder if I could get a sample delivered by Friday? I must have a word with Frank  "

Valentine looks very busy and intent on whatever he's writing in his note book...he's not even eaten his macaroon  !

There's a lot of things in his workroom.

" maybe Percy can get it finished for Monday week? I'd best check with him!"

 Martha enters the workroom with Coco " Valentine we have a new member of the family "

" Mmm Percy may need longer than Monday week... I'd best go check.. "

"VALENTINE! " Martha raises her voice making him jump and spin round
" Martha ! I near had a heart attack !"
"Well you were talking to yourself and I want to introduce Coco  to you "

Valentine holds out his hand to shake Coco's as he crosses the room.

Laughing Coco moves forward and kisses Valentine on one cheek

 and then the other. Valentine goes a sweet shade of pink !  " oh I say!"
" In France we greet our friends and family so " says Coco

" So you are French? " asks Valentine stepping back
" Only half of me " smiles Coco " and you are the famous Valentine non "
"Oh arh non I'm not famous " laughs Valentine flushing
" But you are " smiles Coco " everyone wants you to give them the ...excellence du design.. it's you who are famous for this !"

Coughing with embarrassment Valentine looks at Coco and his heart just pauses for a single moment before starting once again... leaving him feeling strange..
"Would you like to see some of my designs ? "
" Oh C'est magnifique ! "

Turning back to his worktable, Valentine starts to show Coco what he is working on at the moment.

"and of course I helped Mum decide on the colour for the new kitchen doors, Look I'll show you the charts, I have them here somewhere "
Martha looks on ,    helped mum decide on colour for kitchen doors...... like mum cannot decide for herself... " Would you like to come and see the kitchen ? " Martha asks Coco.
" Val.. may I call you Val ? " says Coco totally unaware Martha's asked her a question " I would be hononree .. mm honored to see this charts? "

VAL! thinks Martha astonished ! last time one of the boys called him Val he landed up rolling round the garden tussling with him demanding he apologise!
"Well Val " says Martha loudly " I'll leave you and Coco to get acquainted then shall I? "

getting no answer , Martha turns and heads towards the door! Wait till she tell's the girls!

"It's great to finally have someone who appreciates good design and interior decoration !" says Valentine smiling widely
" I have always been.. how you say..sympathique a la decoration.... I would love to assistant you now I am here ? "

Martha pauses to listen before heading once more for the door...

" That would be.... " Valentine pauses a moment  " Tray Magnifique " he says blushing even redder!
Coco gives a very girly little giggle " bonne "

Martha heads off in search of the girls ...... ooh la la !


some photos of Valentines workroom





  1. Hello Soul Sister! Just catching up...I am loving the Farrow and Ball paint tin!! Is it a dolls house scale...surely not a tester pot...anyway..I love it..where did you find it...I would love one as I use F&B a lot:) How is the kitchen coming along?

    1. Hello Simps ! Glad to see you are surviving that hot weather up there in Bonnie Scotland! Must be all of 19 c Toasty ! ;)
      It is in fact a Farrow and Ball sample pot! One I bought when I was trying to decide if I should paint the dolls welsh dresser! Great size for them.. of course now Valentine wants Granny Fortuna to stock F&B paint!
      The kitchen is coming along slowly due to hot weather, dogs and bowls but we will get there.. she says hopefully ;))

    2. F&B paint seems a bit up market for Granny. She would probably get a cheaper brand and then have Uncle Aphonso find some F&B labels to put over each pot!

    3. Oh Gregor Daddies ! Granny having already, so I have been informed, seen this post is as I type ordering several pots for her new shop of HER paint , yes her paint, no longer to be called Farrow and Ball It will be called Fortuna and Bruno, F&B, and no doubt she'll be charging a premium for this exclusive paint...

    4. Well, Fortuna & Bruno is certainly a swanky sounding name! Granny may just do for paint what Dolce & Gabbana did for fashion.

  2. It could be a bit of harmless flirting (which the French are famous for). However if 'Val' offers to take Coco upstairs to "see his etchings", then Mrs Mum might may have cause for concern. The interior design studio is just wonderful - perfect down to the last detail!

    1. It could be just that sense when they have no idea what it is but passes in time ! And if Valentine did take Coco up stairs to show her his 'etchings' that's just what she'd see probably stored in the attic along with loads of his other treasures, that could come in handy for a decorating job in the future !
      If the dust didn't get her boredom probably would ;))
      Glad you like his studio :)

  3. GREAT post today! Loved the settings. Thanks.
    Super to see Simply Sasha commenting too.

    1. Thanks Kendal , glad you enjoyed it.
      Yes nice to know she's watching from her perch up north ;) lol

  4. Oh how lovely that 'Val' obviously has an admirer!
    I look forward to seeing what these two get up to in the future with their designs.
    Love the things in Valentine's workroom too :)

    1. I just hope Val realises, she's sweet on him or appears to be :) xx