Monday 27 July 2020


Well after a small blip, my new to me Sasha's arrived! She was posted from Germany last Wednesday and her tracking said on Friday that she'd be delivered on Satureday! Wonderful I thought , just in time for weekend.... then on Satureday afternoon it said delivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no she wasn't!
Then of course I started to worry she'd been delivered to the wrong house or address! I checked all the carport just in case they'd put her there but nothing! I sent off a query as to where my parcel was as it wasn't with me! Of course it was the weekend , so no reply !
So I did spend the weekend slightly concerned she was now in the wrong place and waiting to be collected!

But thankfully she arrived this morning ! So I have named her after her seller, whose name is Evelyn, one of my schoenhut's is also Evelyn, so this Evelyn will be called Evie.

 Oh another No Navel girl I hear you say....

 But not for me just any old no navel...

 But a full blue eyed brunette ! They do not appear very often , if at all! and Evie also has the most beautiful hair , in great condition.

All I have done is change her into an outfit by Ginny of a passion for sasha and added some shoes.

Shoes are by the late Jean Jensen.

 I'm totally smitten ! and I didn't ever think I'd find a full blue eyed brunette especially when I was not even looking.

One of my friend's said to me , she is your retirement doll.. what a wonderful idea, so this is Evie who celebrates my retirement from work and my move into freedom.



  1. She's a beauty, Dee! Well worth the wait, I would say. That dress suits her to a T. A wonderful, and richly deserved gift to yourself!

    1. Thank you, I have to agree with everything you have said :) lol

  2. She's gorgeous Dee, her hair looks so thick and lush. I am so glad that you got the doll you'd not even been looking for as your Retirement Doll!
    Enjoy her!
    Big hugs xxx

    1. Her hair is wonderful Sharon. Amazing what you find when you are not looking :) xx

  3. An adorable No Navel! And how vexing to know something has gone wrong with your delivery, and no one to reach! I'd have bitten my nails..... and cursed the delivery service!
    So you must have had a very happy Monday morning.

    1. It always seems to happen at time when no one will be around to help you!
      Yes Monday was a very happy day :)