Thursday 30 July 2020


Some of the boys are outside chatting.

When did mum say she was going to retire? Valentine asks
Well she said July then she said September ! Robin answers

But she's been here all last week and so far all of this one! Percy points out
She's on holiday Robin says
But Dad's still working? Percy replies
That's cos Mum was intending to stop work now but was weak and agreed to work longer !

"So just mum's been off and she's been doing things like gardening " robin says touching the flower at his side

"So at the moment it's all about the garden " sighs Robin

" So what you are saying is that we have no hope of any adventures until it's mid winter and mum's finally retired!" gasps Percy
" Could be " agrees Robin

" I suppose she's wanting to fill all these pots  too" says Valentine
" Maybe !" agrees Robin

"Well  we don't have to stand around and wait for mum!" says Percy with confidence
" We dont ? " " are you sure ? " " Really !"
"yes really , we don't " declares Percy " we can have our own adventures without mum's help !"

The others look a little unsure as sooner or later mum always seems to turn up....

" Are you with me? " Percy cries
"YES" they all cry back

To be continued...


  1. I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or not! But hopefully if they do go on their adventures, mum will be there in the background to make sure that they don't come to any harm....after all, boys will be boys as they say! Though what that means I have no idea!
    So Dee, you didn't retire at the end of July then?

    1. I've had to lock them in the doll cabinet.. just for a while as I've not got time to find out just what they are planning but I can hear the whispers every time I pass by !
      Oh yes I did retire at the end of July , I'm very pleased to say :) xxx