Tuesday 21 July 2020


Back on the fifth one of the village lads was looking for the black and green striped T-shirt to go with the lime green cords he'd been told to change into.

Today he found the T-shirt so was finally able to change out of his scout uniform.
"Percy ! I gave those shorts to Erik and told him to find the t shirt and put them on !" I say

 " No you gave them to me and told me to put them on but you did call me Erik at the time!"
" I did ? "
"You did"
"Well you look just like him "
" In that we both have blonde hair and blue eyes !"
Percy rolls his eyes sighing " But my hair's been cropped at the front and Erik has the perfect Gregor helmet!"
" Don't call it a helmet"
"Well it looks like one and he's got the , and I quote " dreamy np eyes " unquote "
"Well your eyes are very nice too!"
"Mmm but not dreamy !"
I decide to change the subject " Come on lets go to the rockery for a couple of photos "

 Percy stops winding me up once we are at the rockery and stands patiently for his photos.

Although he did point out something I'd not noticed, so I took another photo !

 I just had him stay for a couple more.

 "You look very nice in your new outfit Percy " I say
" Thanks mum " he grins and starts walking towards the house " Almost as dreamy as Erik eh! " laughing he runs to the backdoor and inside..  the tike!

NB Can you tell between the two photos what Percy pointed out to me?



  1. I have two ideas what the difference is, so do tell in your next post what the difference he pointed out was please.

    1. I will let you know in next post Julie :)

  2. Broken terracotta plant pot?

    1. Why Simples ! Is that you? I thought you'd been isolating in the fridge ;)

    2. I see it now finally. I must be about the most un-observant person in the world. I have a theory that the Frido hair ladies stopped doing the 'helmet cuts' because they finally realized that no little boy's hair really looked like that.

    3. Believe me you are not, or maybe second as I am the most unobservant person I know, after three years of living in my first house I asked Paul when had they put a road sign up near my neighbours , he said it was there when we moved in, I disagreed, so he said ask the neighbour, so I did, she said it had been there for years.... I could go on.... lol

  3. I have moved house again.....and only just have internet...I owe you an email, your last one to me made me laugh ....:)

    1. Moved again? Moved or run out of Bonnie Scotland.... :)) I will expect the very very late email reply to my wonderfully witty orginial sometime.... :)

  4. Oh yes I just spotted it but it took me a while.
    He's a handsome young fellow and I have to say that his eyes are very dreamy too :)

    1. He thanks you very much for kindly saying that about his eyes :) xx

  5. I can't believe how long it took me to see the pot - though it's not really small!
    After some discussions with my twins I'm not certain if it's still cool to have dreamy eyes. But Percy certainly has a stylish hairdo!

  6. I don't think Percy wants dreamy eyes I just think he objects to people saying Erik's are dreamy and ignoring his, he could be going through that sensitive stage... :)