Sunday, 19 July 2020


Well that week was a very eventful one! After working from home for about twelve weeks, I went on a zoom call with the manager and area manager, on Monday, where they said it was now fine for people isolating to return to branch. So I would be required to work in branch for rest of the week.

Now since I was about to start a two week holiday and only had three days left to work before it and the branch had been running on the same staff in there for months, I thought they could have waited until I returned from my holiday but there you go! And since my agreement to work another couple of months was on the understanding that I'd only be in branch maybe a day or two a week not

But on the home front I have sold lots of lovely Sasha clothes that I was not been using and have made enough to pay for my Sasha  to be sent to me. I paid her adoption fee and for her travel ticket today and she'll hopefully be here soon ! So exciting as I have not had a new Sasha for ages!

I also received another doll which turned out to have one leg slightly longer than the other! So now she'll have to go back and be exchanged! So annoying! She's got such a nice face too and we all know no doll looks exactly the same, so I hope I like her replacement!

 Paul's worked really hard in the flower garden over the weekend, as I had to get my dolls clothes listed as I had told people, I'd be selling again this weekend. So I have been just coming doing a little work, then going off again. But the four borders are now all bigger, planted up and finished. Now we just have to decide whats going to happen with the grass area.

Which between work, the garden and listing and selling dolls clothes left no time for anything else. But hopefully it will all be changing soon.

Have a lovely healthy safe doll filled week ahead.



  1. I just commented on the garden on your other blog so I'll not bore you by repeating it here...just to say well done as it looks great.
    I'm sorry to hear about the doll with the odd legs, is it a Zwergnase by any chance? Because sadly a lot of them have been arriving with leg problems recently. I hope that you get an equally lovely face on the replacement.
    And how exciting to be getting your new Sasha home so quickly. I look forward to seeing who it is!!
    Big hugs xx

  2. Thanks Sharon :) yes it is a zergnase doll, I need to make sure it's not just a stringing issue but Trisha is happy to replace her which is good.

    Yes, my sales helped my new girl adoption and I hope to hear she's on her way soon ! xxx

  3. It's a relief your new girl will arrive soon - biting my nails already, waiting is so cruel...

    1. It is ! I cannot wait but she is well worth it ;)

  4. Great progress on the garden. It looks lovely!