Friday 24 July 2020


 Yes it was the broken pot that I suddenly realised was behind Percy while I was taking the photos , which is an improvement as usually it's not until I have loaded them onto the computer that I 'see' these things and have to go back and take more.

It was pretty much like when I picked Percy up to change him into his new summer clothes and beieved him to be Erik , looked at him and was thinking 'what's wrong with his hair? it shouldn't be like this? I'm sure it wasn't cut short at the front! " Then the penny dropped and I thought , this isn't Erik ! it's Percy and went off to find Erik who was happily standing with Robin and Ragnor !

I really need to pay more attention!



  1. Did I win a prize for spotting the pot?
    Are you collecting M&S Little Shop 2 this year Dee if you are and you want to swap any duplicates let me know as Marks aren't doing the swaps at Customer Services this year due to the old Covid 19.....

    1. No prizes Simples, just showing you is observant :)
      I have not been into M&S since lockdown, so didn't know they were doing little shop again! If I go and get any doubles, I will happily swap :)

    2. you will be hot footing it done to your local M&S this know you can't resist anything miniature:)

  2. Haha yes I spotted the pot but thought it was probably intentional at the time. I'm the same as you, I don't see the mistakes until I'm actually loading the photos on to my blog or Flickr account, it's very annoying.
    Funny about the hair but yes that must happen a lot with Sashas!

    1. I'm terrible it was a mirage I saw this ! even though the pots broken I'm going to use it as it's broken in a good way if that makes sense ;) xx