Sunday 5 July 2020


Yes it's the fifth of July and the doll photos are waiting a nd ready to be viewed, enjoy.

 The boys from gregoropolis are ready and raring to get out on their summer adventures, looking lovely and clean and tidy... just give them ten minutes and they will have total forgotten they were going to be careful and not get dirty!

Over at the gnome house the needle nimble Ursula as made another top and shorts so that this lovely sailor suit and be shared by both Patrick and Ronja. Who are looking wonderful and ready for that sailing trip!

From Carol in Canada we have Alice in her lovely new outfit Mum made.

We also have from Carol, the Princess and the Pea Diorama! I must sort out making adiorama in time for Augusts doll day! Just loving all the details in this!

James William insisted we share this photo taken in celebration of Independence day, yesterday as he felt we should have used this one as it would have been more realistic being outside in those days.. every dolls a critic!

 A heatwave is coming and Teresa's girl is all ready and waiting !

 She's even got her extra large sunglasses on account of it being a ten day heat wave !Best to be prepared!.

Here in the village, Erik's asking Valentine if he knows what happened to the green and black striped t shirt ?

Erik sigh's when Valentine says that was weeks ago , he's no idea! Goodness he thinks if Mum's put it somewhere safe I'll never find it and she'll have not idea either!

Over at Jenni's the new girl's being shown round by her new sister Bjenna, she'll soon settle in I'm sure.

Many thanks to everyone who kindly sent in their photos, still time to add some more and if I have missed any please send me a reminder!

Wishing you all a lovely doll filled healthy week ahead



  1. Hello kids and mouse!
    This is a really great group of photos. I am specially happy to see all the little lads! I do love boy dolls.

  2. Lovely photos for the 5th Dee, all such pretty girls and boys and turned out so well.
    I love Jenni's Bjenna, the one on the right, she's gorgeous!