Friday, 30 October 2020



 "Bruno make sure you shut the door properly !" Granny shouts as she hurries away.

Grumbling Bruno goes back up the steps and pushes on the door ,several times, to make sure it's fully shut.

As usual he'll have to pull the trolley back to the house and then unload everything and then put it some where safe so Granny can take photos!

 He is so busy grumbling to himself, that it takes a moment for him to realise he is no longer alone !

" Hello Bruno "

" Hello Mrs Mum "

"That's some nice pieces of Emma Bridgewater pottery you have there"

" Is It? " Bruno mumbles " I wouldn't know. It's what Granny picked out "

" Granny? Of course why am I not surprised Granny's involved!"

" Yes Granny said Steve or it could have been John " Bruno pauses " said she could sell some on ebay "

"Really? "

"That's what Granny said ! John or maybe Steve? or someone at Gregoropolis anyway ,said something about ebay, your pots and selling "

" Mmm so just where is Granny? "

" Oh she's gone to find one of the Sasha's or Gregors to take photos and help her list them on ebay !" finishes Bruno smiling.

" Well Bruno " smiles Mrs Mum knowing Bruno as no idea that he's just dropped Granny, never mind John or is it Steve right in it! " Well Bruno, help me put the pots back as I think Granny may be a little confused about just what was said and by whom and who can and who cannot sell these pots "

Bruno willingly helps put everything back and It's only as he's heading to the house that he starts to wonder if somethings up.....



  1. Hahahahahahah! Granny is a resourceful old gal! I wonder if she could possibly have a career in politics?

    1. Shhh don't be giving her any more ideas!!

  2. Poor Bruno! So innocent and trusting... I hope he won't have to explain to Granny what happened.

    1. He is poor lad. Granny may grumble but she'll not blame Bruno... much :)