Sunday 6 December 2020



Well that week went really quick! We have been continuing to sort out things regarding the house. I’m still trying to see if there will be a place for my arts and crafts bureau and all the books are still filling up my studio!
The weather turning really cold has not really helped although we did have a nice large skip delivered and cleared out all the rubbish, old carpet, wood, units etc, that we’d just been leaving outside under the carport while we did the work.
We choose a company that recycles 95 % of what you put into the skip and I have to say I was glad I decided to order a large skip because we did fill it! Doing this not only finally made the front of the house tidy , it’s also meant that we can now get the cars under the carport which is just in time with the weather here now turning wintery.

Due to the issues I’m having with posting using this iPad I have only added one photo and that is of the stairs showing the new stair looks really nice even if I do say so myself and it also seems like I’m walking into someone else’s house ! Since it’s been so long since we had a stair carpet!

 The dolls are all, apart from Jenny, still in boxes in the bedroom since their new glass cupboard is full of books in the Studio. 

But then again we will be completely redecorating our bedroom and getting a new carpet in the new year so most may have to stay in the boxes until spring! Also before we get to the bedroom we have to finish the table end of the day room, where the boiler is.
Paul will be making cupboards to completed cover the end wall enclosing the boiler inside one of them, then it’s into the kitchen area to finish that. Of course we have been chatting and we had intended to replace the range cooker with a new updated one , however now we have decided, well almost, that as we are getting older it may be an idea to instead of getting a new range to get instead  a wall mounted double oven and separate gas hob.
We happened to see a lovely one by Neff yesterday while we were out and were very taken with it’s position in the unit and the smoothness of how the door slid into the bottom of the oven and out the way when opened.
Which of course would mean slightly redesigning that part of the kitchen should we go down that route!

I once again have the living room curtains ready to be finished and finally hung up , then there are a list of other house items to be made. So I will be spending a good part of the coming week sewing.

My thought do keep turning to the dolls and things I would like to do with them but alas at present there is nowhere for things to happen! I’ve had to box up granny so that’s i cannot hear her constant complaint , that it’s yet another year of missed profit with her not being able to open her shop at Christmas! You have no idea the promises I have had to make in order for her not to take Bruno and move to a new place 

Well this iPad is now starting to play up, so I will just end with wishing everyone a healthy happy week ahead and hope that I will solve the posting issues soon.