Monday 14 December 2020


 A day late for last weeks catch up. This is because I finally got to go and meet my little grandson Adam!

He is just sooo sweet and so chilled , had lots of cuddles and it was over so quick! Also got to spend time with his sister the Princess Clara, who is growing up so quick and will be an angel in her nursery nativity, due to social distancing it will be filmed for the parents etc to see on the nursery’s Facebook page.

I’m looking forward to seeing it later this week.

On the house front ,it’s all on snail time, we are not really doing much unless it needs doing, or is connected to getting ready for Christmas.

I’m still waiting on getting a laptop but have decided best to wait for the sales after Christmas now but it’s driving me nuts trying to use this stupid iPad to post with!

I thought I’d get it figured out but it appears not! I have not or it works one time and then not the next.


The tree , which for the first time in years we have a space for, looks tiny! We may need to buy a taller one next year! 

The presents are all wrapped 
And under the tree and all that’s left to do is get the meat and veg for Christmas but the will need to wait until a few days before Christmas to get the fresh food. Obviously Christmas will be very small gathering this year. Courtney and the grandchildren will stay home as due to the relaxing of the covid restrictions the roads will be a nightmare with people dashing off to see relatives all over the country! 
So we have all decided to stay home and stay safe. 

Our eldest daughter will come for Christmas dinner as her partner is working but she only lives a few miles away so shouldn’t have any problem getting here.

On the doll front , no dolls leaving or arriving. I have ordered some trousers for Max my ‘new’ to me Kathe Kruse boy, which hopefully will arrive soon, but we did have a few days of no post due to an issue at the post office.
I’m hoping to take some festive doll photos over the next few days but of course trying to access anything in my doll studio is a nightmare! I wanted something off the top shelf above the dolls kitchen area which meant I had to move three , four foot high piles of books , over by six inches , in order that I could squeeze close enough to reach! 
That meant unstacking each pile and restacking them! Of course I could do with being able to get into a few of the cupboards but without spending a good half hour moving things out the studio and then putting them all back again! So I may need to be creative to take the photos I want.

Wishing you all a happy healthy week 



  1. This is a fine little christmas tree, and it all looks so cosy!
    You show a fine sense of responsibility by staying at home all the christmas time. This dashing off all over the country will help the covid, I'm sure. We plan to stay at home also. Since she wants to be with uns not only for christmas but also for her 80th birthday some days later, my mother plans to visit us. But this will be a leave-the-own-house-take-the-own-car-drive-non-stop-arrive-at-our-house-and-stay-there visit, no chance for covid to spread.
    This unstacking-and-restacking-piles thing sounds quite familiar to me. But since the house is well prepared for christmas, those days should be fine and happy - and there, nearby the tree, I can glimpse a sasha face... ready to be photographed!

    1. I just wish everyone else would do the same one Christmas holiday is not to much to miss if it means that people will stay safe and save the hospitals being overwhelmed.
      You also sound like you will keep your mum safe with a small group.

      Good spot ! Yes one Sasha , Jenny , is standing amongst the Christmas cards and admiring the tree. But I will be releasing a few others from the boxes for the Christmas photos and maybe they will get to stay out and enjoy the festivities 🥳