Thursday 31 December 2020

BYE BYE 2020


Well what a year 2020 has been! The world walked into the year innocently believing that baring any natural disasters, it would pretty much go forward as usual. How wrong the world was ! But although the world at large has been going through a pandemic, on a more personal level our lives have pretty much moved along but with restrictions.

From my point in the universe, it was the year both Paul and I planned on retiring and so our plans were to get things sorted with the house and retire then enjoy the freedom of going out and about whenever the mood struck us and seeing more of family and friends. Well we all know how that panned out! 

But in truth apart from things shutting down ,when the virus got bad , and not being able to just go out without a good reason, life did pretty much carry on.

We were able to buy and then Paul erected the gazebo on the patio, which sheltered us from the hot sun 

over the following months and came in very handy when we needed somewhere to put most of the downstairs furniture while the new flooring was laid 

I spent three months working from home before retiring at the end of July. Then it was a case of pottering around until Paul retired at the end of September. 

Then we worked on getting the downstairs of our house finally sorted out ! Jobs that had been left , were now done and decisions made ,resulting in things finally getting finished.

On the doll front , although I did start selling some of the non sasha dolls, I also bought dolls, Sasha and non Sasha. Which rather defeated the object of downsizing!

My main collections of dolls are the Sasha , of course, the Schoenhuts, the Zwergnase and the Kathe Kruse, along with A girl for all time dolls and some BJD’s of various sizes.

There are also one or two others but not enough of each to be a collection. Hopefully once I get the laptop in the new year I’ll be back up and running with being able to put on more photo stories. 

I finally started using some of the masses of fabric that I have and now have some lovely living room curtains and a refurnished Ercol chair.

But the best thing for me this year was the birth of my grandson Adam. Even though with the restrictions I’ve only been able to see and cuddle him once , we get lots of photos and videos of him to enjoy.

I did actually damage my right arm in my fall back in September but I’m managing to carry on and hopefully it will improve over time.

So this year has been one of plenty of ups and downs and a year that we need to say goodbye to. And just to say that Paul cut through a live electric cable today! Lucky it tripped so apart from repairing the cable no harm was done but.....

So I would like to end on thanking everyone who pops in to see the blog and also to those who take the time to comment and also join in with photos and ideas.

So I wish you all a happy healthy 2021  



  1. I so wish I could wish you Dee (and everyone else out there) a Happy New Year but after reading news reports it seems that 2021 will be even tougher than this year. More businesses and jobs lost and constant restrictions throughout the forthcoming year Roll on 2022!! Stay strong and true :)

    1. Think positive Simples, we can do it , it may take a bit longer than we’d like but we will get there ! Xxx