Tuesday 15 December 2020


 I think not!    Once upon a time... I was a very it needs doing ? Well get it done! But over the years i have lost that mojo! Oh not on everything, I do get on with a fair amount but I do tend to leave the making of things until the last minute! 

Once I start, I off and away but it’s getting that first move underway. I actually do enjoy making things and seeing them finished. Also when I finish one thing it does help me get onto the next.

So it is that now I’ve finished the curtains, I have finally ,today , cut out the fabric for the Ercol chair cushions , of course I have changed what I’m doing. I was going to make piping from the same fabric but I think a nice navy piping will look better.

Which means I’m now waiting on the piping arriving in the post, but the fabric is cut and there are a couple of parts I can get on with.

I also have a few other things I want to make, so I can get on with them until the piping arrives , hopefully before Christmas. 

I think not having to spend the week going out to work helps, it means that once you are in the zone, you don’t have to stop , which would always mean I’d use that as a reason not to start.

So this is what I’m up to this week but I also still need to work on my doll Christmas photos! I’m going to have to try and get into the studio cupboards in the next day or so because it’s getting closer to Christmas each day ! 

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