Sunday 27 December 2020




Well it’s the last Sunday of 2020! Christmas is over for another year and although it was a quiet one 
We had a lovely time.
I spoke to the Princess who is Clara, and also saw some videos of her hanging up both hers and Adam’s stockings, and was amazed to watch her sounding out each letter in his name ! Not bad for not quite three!

Then on Boxing Day we had a web chat and she showed me all her mr men books Santa had left her.

After she had gone to bed , we did a multi chat quiz  , each household  asking fifteen Christmas related question. Fortunately no one was about to give birth this time, so no surprises this morning!

The first photo today is of the beautiful sweet and chocolate covered jar by Lauren my eldest daughter bought me for Christmas, along with the sweets inside.
It’s by Emma Bridgewater and the first piece of her glass I own. The sweets inside are rubarb and custard, lemon drop, acid drops and lime drops. I’m not a big fan of boiled sweets, so I’ll be offering them round whenever I get the chance, so I can refill it in a few months time with others sweets. The good thing is I won’t be eating all that sugar!

The second photo shows the dresser which now has the sleigh and reindeer with Wren in charge , along with the new girl! There is something about the dresser that just seems to attract Sasha’s! Doesn’t matter how many times I remove them after a few days a Sasha will reappear to stand quietly hoping not to be noticed. I think they are acting as scouts to report back to the others on what’s happening and whether any of its to do with them!

I am considering calling my new girl Scout as Atticus was the last Gregor who arrived but I will see how she feels about it , she may have other ideas, the girls usually do!

So on that note I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead, I will be back on Thursday to round up the year as usual.


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