Sunday, 20 December 2020


 and all through the house

Nothing’s is happening 

Cos covid’s out and about!

Well it’s just as well we had planned a quiet Christmas because in the space of two days we have gone from tier two Friday, to Tier Three Saturday and then into tier four this morning! Which as meant that our eldest daughter and her stepson can no longer come for Christmas dinner. 

We’d only arranged that last week ,so it’s not a problem that it’s had to change. Unfortunately there will be people out there who live alone and were going to spend time with family but can no longer do so. They are the ones I feel for, I hope their friends or neighbours will check they are okay over Christmas.

Now not a lots been happening here, I sent for some navy piping that’s now arrived so I will be able to get the cushions made in the next day or so. I also have some other covers to make so a cushion making fest will be happening on the way to Christmas.

We treated ourselves to an early Christmas gift or an old stick back chair to be used in the day room and with the bureau. We purchased it on Thursday and they delivered it Friday! Great service.

I have had to try and search through the piles of books in the studio which started the conversation on just where all these books could go! We intended to put some into the new blue cupboard in the living room but have so many another one space at least needed to be found. So I suggested opposite the coat cupboard in the hallway where the statue of the lady sits.

Paul was all for it but also In removing her and filling the whole space from floor to ceiling with books but I love where she sits  it means she can be seen and that area looks nice. So Paul’s going to cut down the old bookcase to fill the bottom space for books and the lady can stay guarding the front door but maybe just slightly higher than before. It means that the pine cupboard in that area will have to be sold on in the new year but it’s not really used and I have already moved some of the ornaments that were stored there into the little cupboard at the top of the bureau where they can actually be seen.

So hopefully that will happen soon and a mass of the books can come out of my studio and I can once again get access to everything. I will be so glad when that happens.

On the doll front I received a lovely dress ,I’d ordered ,in the post from Ginny of a passion for Sasha it’s for one of my smaller Zwergnase dolls but will also fit a Schoenhut, so not sure quite yet who will be the lucky wearer. If you have read the weeks posts you will see I also received two pairs of trousers for Max by Kathe Kruse boy, so he is looking nice and smart and I just need to find his shoes and socks in the studio.

I’m still waiting to take my doll Christmas photos but have at least started looking for the dolls who will take part. The main props, see photo below, have been sitting on the living room floor for the last two weeks waiting to be used!

So I’m now about to try adding a couple of photos to this post, which is the part where it all goes pear shaped, so before I do I will wish you all a Happy Healthy Christmas and hope Santa brings you just what you asked for.

Dee x



  1. Sending you lots of love Dee. Not sure Santa can send me what I wish for this Christmas....Matt Hancock's resignation and for Flip flop Boris to grow a pair!!

    1. Thank you and I send mine in return 😘 I think Matt Hancock is on the verge of a break down and I feel sorry for Boris ,who cannot win whatever he chooses to do.
      I look forward to next year when hopefully things will start improving x

  2. Christmas will have to be very cosy this year. But in this beautiful new decoratet home I hope you will spend fine and wonder-ful christmas days. Since there is so much sad and dreadful all around, it is increasingly important to have a nice place to live in and loving people to live with.

    1. You are right we will all be having cosy Christmas this year and our homes will be important places for us to rest,relax and enjoy.
      It’s good to have shelter, family and peace ,there are people who are not so fortunate, so we have no reason to complain