Monday 21 December 2020




Yes as it says on the title another tick on the list ! The Ercol chair finally has got its seat cushions , they have been a long time coming considering I’ve have had chair ,cushions and fabric for months.
But I find it’s always best ..cough cough..not to rush these things.

The photos unfortunately loaded on back to front. The one below shows the first two cushions I made, the base / seat cushion and then the back cushion. Nice and comfy however Paul said it needed a cushion higher up for when you wanted to put your head back.

I had already planned on making another cushion , so made it up, which you can see in first photo.
I have had to be creative with the closings as I only bought one zip which was for the seat cushion.
The larger back cushion I was going to close with press studs but only had tiny ones, then I found some iron on Velcro, result I thought until it wouldn’t iron on due probably to the amount of years it’s sat about waiting to be used! So I landed up sewing it on.

Then the small top cushion I used a pillow case close on , where the cushion insert is held in place by the extra fabric fold.
I’ll just mention the creases in the seat cushion is where Paul’s been sitting on it.

Well there are a few other cushions to be made for else where, so I’m off to decide which one to do next!

Well like the title says another tick on the list.


  1. Looks lovely! You've been busier than Santa's elves!

    1. Thank you, it’s amazing what you can get done when restricted to home with no preparation
      To make for Christmas due to lockdown!

  2. Oooh wonderful! Those cushions look comfortable and fit perfectly with the wallpaper - and, as I see, also the table cloth, the carpet and everything else in this lovely styled home. Great!!!

    1. Thank you , the cushions are very comfortable, I can see people falling asleep in that chair it’s so cosy!

  3. It's amazing what you get done when there's no rush, or opportunity, to go Christmas shopping.... but I'll happily make do without a shutdown next year!

    It's also amazing how good a match with the wallpaper the cushion fabric is. Well done!

    1. Isn’t it! It hardly seems like Christmas if it wasn’t for the tree twinkling in the living room!
      Yes let’s hope next year we will all be celebrating as usual with our families and friends.
      The fabric and wallpaper looking good together are a happy coincidence 😀