Wednesday 9 December 2020


 Well I have finally finished the curtains for the living room! They have been pressed and hung in place.

They give a different look to the plain purple curtains that hung there before, so will take a little while to decide if any changes need to be made.

It’s so nice to have finally used this fabric and it looks really nice as curtains. Now I will be moving on to making the cushion covers for the Ercol chair and some scatter cushion covers.


I hand hemmed the curtains which unfortunately have made my right arm really ache.
I think I have finally found out what’s wrong with it! I was reading an article about the twenty most painful health issue and on reading the symptoms  of one, was like reading a list of my arm issue and it’s called a cold shoulder! 
At least I now have the most likely cause and can also now look into what I can and cannot do to try and repair the damage! Alas it says it can take a good year or more to recover from it.

So I will need to just get it confirmed by the doctor and then work on getting better


  1. Very pretty, and you've created more space without anything leaving the house - win, win, win!

    1. Thanks, yes more fabric used , more space , slowly but surely ....