Wednesday 29 August 2012


Hattie's decide's that her new hat ranges need's some new models to show them off, so while visiting Aunty Gill she goes talent spotting!

" Matilda! Tilly! Tilda ! Darlin!" cries Hattie rushing towards Matilda " Lovely to see you again !"
Matilda looks bewildered.
" It's Me Hattie" cries Hattie from behind her designer sunglasses.

Having trouble seeing due to the darkening sky outside, Hattie takes off her sunglasses.
" Are these all your lovely clothes? " she asks Matilda
" Well they belong to my sisters and me " says Matilda shyly.

" I am looking for model's to wear my new hat range " confides Hattie.

Just then Mitzi turns up wearing one of Hattie's new hats.
" This is the new range, Cloche style with a lovely ribbon " exclaims Hattie pointing towards Mitzi.
" What are you up to Hattie ? " asks Mitzi

" I am scouting for model's for the new hat range "
" Oh! " says Mitzi not aware that Hattie was seeking other models for her new hats.
Just as she about to say something the twins, Scarlet and Ruby arrive.
" Hello what's happening " They chorus at the same time.

" I am looking for hat model's and twins would do very nicely " smiles Hattie " she takes the hat of Mitzi and put's it on one of the twins"

" You look fabulous Ruby! " cries Hattie
" I'm Scarlet ! "

" Listen Red " says Hattie with a steely glint in her eye " Would you like a job modelling my new hat range? Your sister too!"

" What do you think ?" Scarlet asks Ruby
" Well it's quite a nice hat but do we have anything it can go with?"
" Not sure..It does not go with our sailor suits"
" No it does not " agrees Ruby " and does she have two of every colour ?"

" Girls Girls " Hattie comes up and puts her arms round their shoulders " You don't keep the hats! They are for sale to fund my Mini ! "

" So what do we get ?" chorus the twins
" Why the joy of wearing a Hattie special and the fame that will come from over time ..."
Mitzi's chips in from over Hattie's shoulder " Nothing! That's what you get not even a biscuit ! or ice cream! "

Within a blink of an eye Hattie is left standing arms wide as the twins vanish into the distance
Mitzi smiles...


  1. What a character Hattie is. Love the designer sunglasses and the different coloured boots. I think that she must put your other girls well in the shade.... though I do so love tolerant little Mitzi, who always seems to come off the worst when Hattie's around.
    Gill's twins look super in their sailor outfits.
    A delightful post as usual.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Whoa! Hat has some hattitude (attitude) today! A new side of Hat has emerged....