Friday 17 August 2012


Hattie was very surprised to receive a parcel in the week from her friends from the Festival Miranda and Florence.

"Mmm" says Hattie " I wonder what they have sent me?"

Inside is a lovely letter from the girl's.

 " Oh " says Hattie in wonder " Fingerless lace gloves! Helena Loves Fingerless lacy gloves !"

Hattie cannot believe her eyes! A Bonham Carter satin,velvet and lace Dress!!!

Within minute's ,She's thrown off her dress and is Parading round in the new one sent by her good friends Miranda and Florence.

" Look mum Look at my lovely Helena Dress, It's so beautiful " she sings dancing round the room.

Suddenly she stops and looks at her shoes  " These will never do " she cries rushing off...

she returns within moments..

"That's better" she says " I really need long black boots but  Duncan's school shoes will do for now! "

" maybe the tights are a bit loud and hot?" questions Mum , Hattie just looks back with distain .

" My dear friends Miranda and Florence " says Hattie theatrically " You must Tell your Dear Dear Mother That she is a saint! nay an Angel ! to have helped you to make this lovely dress for me, I shall wear it forever! "


  1. Hattie has such ATTITUDE! Who else could wear such shoes and tights under this more formal attire and literally 'get away with it!' I sent my girls into their shoe boxes to see if we had anything more suitable than Duncan's school school shoes but alas it seems not. (There were some Dollfie black patent three quarter boots which lace up the front but they are much too tight on Sasha's legs to do up the zip at the back.)
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Of all your 'kids' Dee, Hattie has to be my favourite, she is such fun :) Love you Hat xx

  3. Wow! Wait till they see this outfit back in Austria! It will blow their minds. Very elegant Hattie! The shoes and tights really make it, I think. xxx Karin

  4. Hattie, I am sure Florence and Miranda will be pleased to see you showing off the dress we made for you, I will show them soon. I had great fun making it, with comments from both of them and my girls wanted a similar dress but this is truly on of a kind for you to say thank you for the hats!