Sunday, 26 August 2012


"Where's Mum?" asks Mitzi " I thought you said pictures were needed of the new hats?"
" Yes We do need pictures of the new hats " confirmed Hattie.

" Now Let me just adjust your hat to the best position " says Hattie straightening Mitzi's hat

" What are you doing with that camera? " questions Mitzi suspiciously

"I am going to be taking the photo's" declares Hattie " we don't need to ask mum, it's easy "

Mitzi's not so sure but she decides Hattie may know what she's doing.

"Ok " Hattie mumbles " Stand still and don't move while I start "

"What are you doing!"

Hattie who is now laying down replies " We want artistic shots not boring old things like mum takes! "

"That's it " cries Hattie " wave as if someone you know is over there"
Mitzi does as she's told

Mmm nice picture of Mitzi's top...

Lovely Jean Jensen sandal's .......

Oh a new angle...but still no hat???

 At last ! well nearly.....

" Finished "say's Hattie " that went well . I'll go and put them on the computer "
" But what about the rest?" asks Mitzi
" What rest?" queries Hattie
" The other hats? You need to take photo's of them too!"
" Oh" sighs Hattie " I have not got time to do the others, You'll have to ask mum " and with that she walks away.

Mitzi sighs and goes to look for Mum at least she gives her model's some ice cream or a nice biscuit for all the standing around !


  1. Hat's (that's) my girl!! I am going to have to start a Hattie Fan Club :) Great post that made me giggle!!

  2. They are splendid hats! And the photography is challenging from an artistic point of view! xxx Karin

  3. One word describes this post...TERRIFIC!
    Only wish that I could get down to take those artistic angled shots....but alas no longer! (Well guessing that I probably could but the getting up would be impossible!)
    Sasha love for another wonderful post, from Kendal .....who's still wishing that she could think of something like this for her blog.