Sunday 19 August 2012


Now I was just scanning ebay a couple of weeks back when I came across a very nice looking lad. I had no intention of purchasing another boy, so carried on.

A few days later I came across him again, so this time put him in my watching, I was not looking for another boy but he was at a very low price so I decided to watch him.

Then the night before he was due to finish I had another look and decided that I would just have a little bid and  leave it to fate!

I placed my bid and went into the lead and when I closed down computer I thought well Morgan will even be home or not I'll know anyone whose read all my posts will know that 9 times out of 10 if I 'know' their name they tend to come home! I tried to dismiss it but when I returned from work the next day there was the email, congratulations you have won!

Here he is a lovely dark Caleb.

And this was taken today but the sun was too bright to get a good picture.

Again the sun is too bright but you can see he is a handsome young boy.

NOW you may be wondering why did I put Morgan Morgan on top of the blog! Because there is a tale to tell that is a warning to all.
He has two names because at the moment he's been paid for twice!!!! To cut the story short the person who sold him wanted payment by bankers draft but I had been mislead to believe that I could pay by Pay pal after a week the seller finally gave me his pay pal details but this was not connected to his ebay account. So I went and paid and sent email only to have a return email saying that he had not received payment, so I went and checked only to find that I had paid the wrong person!! the other person has same email address except for the ending ie or .com or .de and I had put the wrong one!
So I phoned Pay pal and this is what they said " I have to wait for the person to decline the payment or worse to accept the payment and then if I do not get the goods take out a case!! I said it would be hard for him to send me something WHEN HE'S THE WRONG PERSON! or I will have to wait 30 days for my money to drop back into my account! and I should send him an email!

So I have sent him two emails but he probably thinks they are some sort of con and is putting them in the trash or he is away sunning himself in the south of France ! while my money sits unclaimed in his account or worse he's dropped dead ! So It looks like I'll be waiting thirty days for my money to return, so until then Morgan will be Morgan Morgan because I have paid for two of him!

And even worse every time since I have bought him that a dark skinned Caleb's come on ebay I have wanted to buy it , so he can have a twin!!!!!!!!!!

I was not even looking for a boy.........


  1. These Sasha Dolls certainly make you spend your money even though you are not wanting them BUT he looks a beautifully minty guy, well worth the double payment at the moment but seriously I do hope that the extra payment gets sorted out very soon... especially if you are now after a 'twin!'
    He's looking great in his Dollydoodle gear, just perfect for this weather today.
    Sasha love and congratulations from Kendal....who's thinking that you've now passed me on the number of Gregor lads owned!

    1. Kendal I'm not supposed to be looking for a twin! But then I was not supposed to be looking for a Caleb! There is no hope with this obsession...
      I think Morgan makes 11 boys , so i will now need one more to get a nice round dozen.....any excuse!!!

    2. I had 13, and recently had to cut DOWN to a nice round dozen and have no plans to increase the boys... 12 is enough for me....:)

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    1. Dee you shouldn't call him MORGAN ..but MORE THAN > (as you have to pay twice!) Hope Paypoo sorts it out quickly and that you enjoy him in the meantime :)

    2. I'm sure it was Mre Than freeman that came to mind which should have rang alarm bells!! Lol

      I'm looking at the first payment as sasha your big bottle but I'll move my money around Pay pal increasing it as I go unable to get it back for 30 days at a time ..and maybe someone will return more!!!

    3. I don't know about sasha saving...I have spent so much money recently,buying things, paying in CASH trying to get £1 coins in my change to SAVE them.. I am sure there is moral in there somewhere :)

  3. He is gorgeous Dee, you must be thrilled with him. I hope you get the extra payment back quickly though.

    1. only about 19 days to wait now!
      I am pleased I bought him despite everything,
      and so far I have managed not to buy him a twin..