Friday 10 August 2012


Due to the hot weather I have not yet managed to do my post for this week so Hattie suggested that I put on some of the pictures of her new style hats that she is selling to purchase her Mini! She has seen the one that ferries the javelins etc on the TV and she is considering making them an offer for  one , once the Olympics are finished , so she's been very busy.

Colour way Moonlight with Orange flowers..

Colour way Sunflower with Yellow flowers 

                           Colour way Beet with green flower...

Colour way Purple with lilac flower...

Colour way Blue with grey flowers

Colour way Slate with bright pink flower and ribbon at back  

Colour way Soft Orange with Lilac flowers 

                                    Colour way White with pink flowers and white heart buttons

She will be listing some more of her hats on Ebay at the weekend.

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