Sunday 12 August 2012


Some months ago I decided that I wanted to dress all my Red haired Sasha's and Gregor's  in WHITE !
yes white! I wanted all the girl's to have the same dress and I did not want it to be a thin cotton but one with some weight.

 So I emailed my sister Michelle who makes Sasha clothes and sells them under the name snuzz1mich62 and she agreed to make the dresses. We found a heavier cotton that we both liked and I set her the task of making them by August. It did not help that I acquired an extra red or two along the way!

I also wanted them to all be wearing white shoes and socks. My friend Gill very kindly made me a shipping order of white socks and I began to gather up white shoes.I purchased two white t shirts from Judith at Dollydoodles.

Michelle fulfilled my order of dresses plus two pairs of white trouser's well before the deadline and yesterday I decided that it was time to bring it all together.

So below are the photo's I took this morning before the sun got to hot to do anything.

We start with Bonnie who looks really nice all in white.

Here's Calico .

And Dorcas my other Slate eyed Sasha.

Duncan in his trainers and DD Top.

  This is a picture of all the 60's girl's together in white.

Evangeline my Gotz Angela, she always looks good in white.

Hattie ( Harriet) agreed to take part,  she is wearing a pair of Jean Jenson sandals.

Evie's joined the 60's girls for this picture.

Tilly ( Mathilda) my first ever Red .

Nathaniel my 68 shorts boy who came to live with me this year and fulfilled a big tick on the wish list.

Now there are seven girl's posing nicely.

Paige my 69 dungarees girl, who also arrived this year and ticked another big tick on wish list!

Virginia ( Ginnie) my red No navel who was a very lucky find.

These are my eight red haired Sasha's looking lovely all dressed in white.

And here they all are together.

from the left, Duncan,Evie,Callie, Dorcas, Bonnie, Hattie, Ginnie, Paige, Tilly and Nate.

And I do think the red's all look great in their white outfits.

and finally I thought I'd add this picture....

This is Izzy my Westie laying waiting patiently for me to finish taking picture of my Sasha's. She know's she's not allowed through the gate if the Sasha's are having a photo shoot but she likes to keep an eye on the action.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at all the red's in white.


  1. How cute is Izzy?! And the kids look ALL WHITE (alright)too :)

  2. What a simply fabulous idea! Red haired Sasha 'Girls in white dresses' (not to mention those two oh so accommodating Gregors to complete, at one stage, the beginning and end of the 'lined up' picture.)
    A perfect subject for this specially hot, sunny Sunday and to celebrate the last day of the UK Olympics.
    The only fault that I can find in this patriotic UK red, white (and blue?) are the lack of the blue satin sashes.
    'We' even have a white Westie Dog to add the final finishing touch to this delightful post!
    I fully appreciate all the time and effort put into today's Sasha entertainment for us. Many thanks.
    Sasha love from Kendal.