Thursday, 23 August 2012


The wonderful thing about people who collect Sasha's and Gregor's is that they love to share them. They will happily show you their dolls and their clothes etc and tell you where or who they obtained them from. there by allowing us to all see so many different styles and types of these wonderful creations.

On the facebook group recently lots of lovely dolls have been taking a bow and a couple have just been so beautiful that I asked their owner Olivia if she would kindly allow me to share their photo's with the people who view my posts.

Thankfully she said Yes and sent me the photo's.Now before I add them I have to give this warning.......

You will be Inspired to scrimp and save to buy one,
 You will feel the need to study the photo's in close detail
You will want to save them to your computer so that you can look upon them at your leisure while the housework piles up around you!

For all this I do not apologise because I'll be in just the same position!

So enjoy....

Six beautiful girl's all in white, three blondes and three reds.

This lovely girl is in a dress by Nikita of Dreaming under the Lilac's.

I have offered to let this beauty come for a visit, along with the ones in the first photo, for some strange reason she's reluctant to let them travel alone!

I would like to thank my friend Olivia for allowing me to share her dolls with you and inspiring me to keep my eye open for the opportunity to acquire such beautie's for my own.


  1. Oh Dee, how could you do this to us????
    ....And especially to me when I'm on a no Sasha buying period... AND then to top it all see one of my ex-dolls amongst this delightfully pretty Sasha girl group.
    I'm shutting my eyes tight and quickly closing down my computer to try to blot out this 'too much to bear' post!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Yikes! They are beautiful. I may have to finally get a Facebook account...

  3. And where have these beauties been hiding? They are dressed to perfection! Seems as if I need to take a closer look at what my kids are wearing. Perhaps their "alter ego" is hiding behind the wrong hair-do or the incorrect clothing and color choice. Time to try something new!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  4. I simply must add some white dresses to my Sasha wardrobe now, I love that look for the girls. They are all wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us. Now I shall go and find that Sasha Facebook page.